Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cover Design HOOOOO!

And by that, I mean a Thundercats reference, not a prostitute.

Jotham is in works for designing the cover now. He's got most of it already designed, with a really great theme which can carry from serial to serial. After extensive research last night, I found a couple of suitable sites which I emailed (or otherwise contacted) and inquired just in case if it was OK to use their stock photos in erotica. I've gotten some yes's, and that was all I needed. There's also a helpful reddit link which has more information about stock covers and what restrictions are on certain sites. I can't help but to think that people might mean the more "traditional" erotica, but we'll see if any problems arise.

Once the cover is finished, it'll go through the review process with Amazon. I feel bad about charging $2.99 initially, but since it's an experiment we're going for it. After my research, it seems as though that's the going price for short erotica, which still seems like a rip-off to me. This attack of conscience is after I told Jotham I absolutely would not mirror (another post, likely later tonight since it's on my mind) because that really felt like ripping people off, while he phrased it as "expanding your market and catering to people's wants". Going back to the price, that price seems to have stabilized in the market. I actually read posts warning authors not to charge $0.99 because then people would see it as cheap and assholes would demand porn for free and leave bad reviews.

The other thing I'm vaguely worried about is the rules of Kindle Direct Publishing. From everything I've read on it, it seems arbitrary as to what's offensive and what's not. I mean, this short is entitled "Ass Rammed by Raptors" which is kinda explicit? But not really? It's not like there's going to be actual butt-fucking on the cover. IIRC, it'll be hot guy, raptor, background scene, title. That's about it. I trust Jotham to put something together that's funny. Oh, I should suggest to him to put a cop hat on the raptor (it relates to the story). When looking for a cover picture for the hot guy though, I found several with guys with their hands cuffed which would have been perfect... but KDP objects to people being bound on the cover... but upon further read, that seems to only apply to women. Just to be safe, I chose a picture which suggested the theme, but left the guy's hands actually free. I'm also vaguely worried about the title. Not only is there already a book called "Rammed by Raptors", but ... well, there's a book already called "Rammed by Raptors". It's pretty close.

And after a quick discussion with Jotham, I think we've decided to go with "Rump Raiding Raptor". There may be modifications to the cover because of this, since we finally decided how to do an introduction to indicate which of the characters the short is focusing on. Wish us luck!

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