Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Now, We Wait...

The short's done, the cover's done, and now we just wait while it's in the "review" phase from Amazon. As I stated before, I decided to go with the $2.99 which seems so prevalent in the other erotica shorts. It just doesn't seem like it's fair to me. We'll see how it goes--this is an experiment--but I can't say I like it.

The cover--which you'll see below--is absolutely ridiculously awesome. I really couldn't have asked for better. Jotham and I went back and forth on the fonts, but in the end decided with a combination. My name is in a different font than the title, and the title is in a faux Indiana Jones font, complete with a similar shading in color. It really jumps out at you, which is what I wanted. It wanted it to grab people's attention and reel them in either for the racy quality or the tongue-in-cheek quality, because this is firmly written tongue-in-cheek. Honestly, I really had to stop after every paragraph during the sex scene because laughter was threatening. Laughter is not really conducive to desire, so I hope I got the racy part done alright.

Still working on a title for the next. I'm not sure how many "shorts" I'm going to give this serial to see if it'll actually work. Three? Four? Ten? It'll definitely concern Debbie and pixies, of that much I'm certain, and I thought of a few new rules too for how this whole world-jumping thing will work.

I do wonder if people will enjoy it. I mean, I hope they do. I want it to be successful, thus the reason why I actually had a professional do the cover art. It's not Jotham's fault if it's cheesy. It's exactly what I wanted.

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