Friday, February 27, 2015

Split Personalities

So I've been doing a lot of reading on Reddit (as well as banging out the next Janus Key Chronicle, more on that at the end) about writing erotica. It seems as though I underestimated the number of titles I'll need to see "real" results... the estimate is about twenty. Yipes, that's a lot of titles to have under your belt. I mean... even at the minimum of 5K words apiece that's 100K words. Even if I could bang out that much that fast--I have to have some inspiration, folks!--there's no way Jotham could or would do twenty covers in a month. He's not quite freaking out that I'm almost done with the next Chronicle. I figure aiming for one a week or, at worst, one every two weeks is within reason for me. I can write faster--no problem there--but there's so much else I want to do that I get distracted from banging out shorts.

For instance, I thought of another serial I could do about the adventures of a virtual reality gamer in an MMO. I have enough experience with MMO's to do this easily, and with VR... well, you can get some freaky shit going on there that is completely not real. You could even have a game that's based on nothing but sexing. There are a ton of games like that already. Would there be a cohesive plot? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it'll just be a chance to set story aside, write some smutty, filthy piece, publish it, and move on. I also had an idea based loosely on a character of mine from an MMO... which there will be more on that later. Anyway, the whole idea is a really damn dark erotica because this character of mine was a sociopath, and it was in a superhero MMO, so there's a modern setting I haven't seen used too much in erotica yet. But hey, super heroes are big now, right? I also have a semi-serious erotica which is a retelling of a... well, more on that later, since that one will be freaking huge.

Now, if I were any other erotica author, I'd create a new pen name for each of these ideas. I don't get why because there's also a lot of talk about building an audience and getting titles under your name. To me, that seems counterproductive (unless you're mirroring, but that's another post which I will get to at some point). I mean, if people know my writing style... and let's face it, first we had butt-fucking raptor men, and now we're going to have gangbanging pixies, the Janus Key Chronicles are going to be a whole plethora of variety. I don't need to have a different pen name for writing gay smut as opposed to straight smut or BDSM compared to monster fetishes... it's all erotica to me. It's sort of like the idea that erotica and porn is different. To me, it's all the same.

That contradicting advice is a little confounding. Maybe it works for other authors, and maybe it's because they mirror a lot, which I am not doing. Heh, if I did, Jotham would have a fit for making cover after cover after cover. "Ok, now do one for Asian men. Ok, now African American women. Ok, now Hispanic men." He's having enough of a hissy right now with just designing my second one, which is probably going to leave me to designing some of the more "serious" erotica covers by myself if I keep up at this pace.

Update for the Janus Key Chronicles... I'm six thousand words into the next one, and I'm aiming for at least ten thousand words. If my calculations are correct, that will be about three thousand words of pure smut, and a thousand word denouement. This one focuses on Debbie (and gasp, I had a sex scene already with her! But it was plot development? Go fig.) It's entitled, and this is set in stone now, "Debbie Gudgeon and the Perils of the Penetrating Pixies." I even looked up macrophilia... it's a thing. Giantesses is a thing. Way to hit a fetish, me! Completely by accident too. I'm procrastinating a little by writing this blog post, but these words are easy to write... they flow out because it's just my thoughts being vomited up onto the virtual page. Ten minutes and that's it.

I really want to work on this other semi-serious erotica, which is already at fourteen thousand words, and I've barely scratched the surface.

Also, so far no sales or borrows. It makes me sad face, but according to all the data I've found, I can start looking forward to consistent sales at around the 20 story mark. If I don't get any, or very few, up until that point, I don't know if I can stick with it. We will see, ladies and gents. We will see.

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