Wednesday, March 25, 2015

1001 Erotic Nights is now Live!

EDIT: Wow, I'm a dummy! I totally linked this up, so fucking excited... and then forgot to link it up. 1001 Erotic Nights... there you go, folks... the one or two people who have found this blog. And now, onto the rest of the post.

Wow, this one took me forever. It's actually the first one I started writing, saw how freaking long the original book was, and chipped at it while I worked on other stuff. I'm so glad to say that it's finally finished!

In the original, there are actually a ton of stories. I could not eroticise them all. There were simply too many! So I picked some of the more well known ones, put a story to it, and worked it all together. Jotham's cover on it is simply fantastic. It's my favorite one yet! Not only that, but I did price it at $3.99 since it's basically a novella of wall to wall smut... seriously, I think there's like two pages towards the end in a row that aren't smut, otherwise it's just enough to get to the next story/sex scene while keeping in flavor of the tale and that's it. I about broked my brain on all the smut! It was really nice to see an actual story emerge from it though. Even with the higher pricing, one sold right away. 

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