Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dominating Her Intern is Live!

Yes, that's right, two stories in one day! This one, Dominating Her Intern, is a bit more in the vein of a "traditional" erotica story. It's an experiment to see if I do ok with the non-fantasy, non-weird stuff. It was fun to write, and that model on the cover is just gorgeous. Just. Gorgeous. Jotham didn't do much to this one... it had the set up and stuff already with the office scene. One thing he DID do is add that graphic next to "intern", which I really like. It totally indicates exactly what the story is about.

Took a day and a half to get out of review. Fuck you, Amazon. Ruined my numbers for the 31st! Still, let's hope that the new month gets off with a bang now. :)

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