Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Well, I finished another story last night. Haha... last night. Yeah, that's what it's called. It's about a vampire... well, let's back up. I found out there's a thing called "horrorotica" which combines horror and erotica, hence the name. Horror is my one, true love for writing. I adore it. I love horror movies. Blood, guts, gore, we want more! Erotica is taking over as a second job... so combining the two seems like a win-win to me.

However, I'm very sure this won't sell very well at all. Why? Well, although sex and violence share the same primal instinct, people don't like to combine the two very often. Oh sure, you see the bimbos in the horror movies bare their chests and have sex with abandon... but then get cut down by the slasher in the traditional "punishment". (There's a whole thing about that. I could seriously write about that for days because the connection is so weird but so prevalent even in modern horror movies.) But think about it... you're reading a story, jerking off, and then suddenly.... BAM! DECAPITATION! Not very sexy, is it? And not really a great fantasy unless you're into that. Usually it also depicts violence against women, and I'm very much against that. I'm actually very much against violence against people, period, but most of the time... the deaths you remember are women.

That being said, this story flew out of me. It's short, and experimental, so I think I am going to price this one low since it may appeal to horror fans and I have a thing about ripping people off. I also get so fucking tired of the romantic vampire. Vampires aren't romantic. They are fucking monsters. They seduce you and then fucking kill you. So, this is my version of that. That's not to say I won't write sexy vampires doing their thing later because the paranormal erotica is very hot right now, but in my opinion... fucking monsters. It was also disturbing how much I wanted to get through the sex to write the violence. I think because it was closer to where my interests traditionally lay.

I need to edit this story and try to smooth through some corners. This one, unlike the four erotica pieces previously, I'm editing. I hate editing... but this is actually something like I would normally write rather than banging out sex to throw up on Amazon. I keep thinking this is so different from the regular stuff... should I put it under a different pen name? No. Writers write different shit all the time, across different genres. I'm sticking to my guns here. Will it sell? I really don't think so. It's dark. Yeah, there's sex, and the sex is sexy, but it's really dark overall. I love it. Have I found the niche I want to write in? Are there readers for this? What does it say about me that I want to write about that stuff?

All these questions may take a smarter person than me to answer.

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