Saturday, March 21, 2015


First, the free promotion seems to be working pretty well. Or, at least, people are downloading it for free. :P I have gotten one sale so far today (keep in mind most of the money made so far is on borrows... so a sale is a Big Deal, this being only the third honest-to-gosh sale) which doesn't mean much, but it could have been because they found it because of Raptors since it was the single shot m/m story. The promotion is only for one day, and I think I won't see the full effects for a few days.

In the meantime, I've been going over in my head about pricing... yes, again. $2.99 seems like such a rip off for 4000 words! I do think I am going to drop Raptors price permanently to $1.99 (hey, it's 8500 words, and an introduction to the series--that's not amiss, that's actually a marketing strategy), maybe even $0.99, depending. Again, all the research I've done warns against dropping the price too much. So, instead of $0.99 like I was originally thinking for Last Night, I think that I will have it at $1.99, and skirt the boundary there. I'll get lower royalties, but I'm curious to see if it will sell at all. I didn't spend much time on it... that story slid out very smoothly, so I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off with pricing it lower than the average.

I finished the next Janus Key story (I don't remember if I posted that) and I'm waiting for the cover for that and Last Night. This will be good: I will have two stories out this week, hopefully tomorrow or Monday at the latest. I have to wait for Jotham to do his thing, and he's preoccupied with family or work or some bullshit like that. I keep telling him if he wants the extra cash to put out faster. He says he's not a prostitute. We have a great working relationship. I'ma gonna beat him some more. ;)

Jotham did come up with a series anthology title for this horrorotica though. He suggested "Wantonly Wicked" and I like it. It hasn't been used, and it covers both genres very nicely. He had to change the Last Night cover because of it, and that's why the delay... which is why I'm having time to angst over pricing again. It comes from being too honest, I guess, although I keep telling myself, "Is an orgasm worth three bucks?" Let's face it, that's what they're buying: orgasms. Or fantasies to help them orgasm.

So, back to pricing... since there are four Janus Key Chronicles soon, and there will be a fifth, now I have to look at pricing for bundling. Some common wisdom said "70% of the individual stories". Even if I bump Raptors down to $1.99, the rest are $2.99, for a total of $13.95, and 70% of that is $9.79. I think that's a bit too high, even though it will be novel length. There's no hard and fast rule for the prices of bundles, so arbitrarily, I am going to try either $4.99 or $5.99... though I'm leaning towards the higher amount. It's like "buy 2 get 3 free!" there, which are some insane deals that Safeway occasionally has on Diet Coke. It's double the price for more than double the content, and even if people buy the first one or something, and then decide to purchase the rest with the bundle...they are still getting a deal.

One thing I am definitely doing though is NOT putting the bundle in KU, at least not initially. It's a better deal to buy it as a bundle, but KU people can borrow the rest of them for free anyway... so I would rather encourage them to borrow more (and thus more money) than just borrow one. That's just business strategy.

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