Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Equinox Equals Free Rump Raiding Raptors!

What's that? Didn't you know that rump raiding raptors came out during the spring? Sure they do! Butt-fucking raptor men rampage all over the springtime! It's when they can't help themselves. ... wow, I'm like writing stuff in silliness and think, "Hey, that would make a decent story..."

Anyway, the upshot here is that Rump Raiding Raptors is free today, March 21st! This just gives people an excuse to check out the writing, and hopefully garner some interest in the series. It's all on KU (Kindle Unlimited) anyway, so those in that program can check it out anytime they like. I really like that program... Netflix for books. Brilliant. Considering how much I read, it's really worthwhile.

Updates... updates... I'm thinking about linking that horrorotica short I have ready and waiting to a series. The new series wouldn't be like... the same protagonists, though it might be the same world. Actually, as I'm thinking about it, it would be in the same world. Maybe I'll bring monsters back eventually, but you know... like Stephen King's books are all connected, these all would be in the same world and connected somehow. Oh, man, this also gives to mind this RPG I wanted to do for like forever, but never had time for it, which would be a fucked up Twin Peaks-Lost-Curse of Oak Island-Weird Shit Goes On sort of deal. Maybe I can make something of that? Hmm....

Where was I? Oh yes, new series. An anthology series, like Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits (or as the husband and I call it "The Stupid Scientist Show"), where they are just stories, but stories of the same type gathered under one flag. I think... I think I'll do that. I do believe I'll call the series "Something Wicked", which there's already a series called that, but there's only one book in it, and the writer hasn't written anything for over a year. I feel pretty safe appropriating it. Plus, you know I'll be active in it. Already almost four Janus Key Chronicles? In just three weeks? Not too bad!

I'm closing in on the end of the next Janus Key Chronicle, "Savaged by Sadistic Spirits". I haven't even gotten to the spirits part yet, BUT there are two sex scenes (and a third waiting to happen) AND 10,000+ words. If things go well, I should finish it tonight, and then switch focus to another story I've been trying to work on. Busy, busy!

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