Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Waiting's Hard to Do

I have everything ready on Amazon for the next book. It's edited (quickly, yes, but still edited), formatted (which took me a couple hours because I went back and forth on what I wanted), uploaded, keywords in, description in... matter of fact everything is done... except the cover. I can't hurry Jotham. He's a professional, but he's doing it for free in return for a split of the profits (if any), so I really don't have any right to bitch. It still sucks waiting though, especially knowing it's not me causing the hold-up. By the time he gets done with this one, I'll have written the next. It'll be a never ending snowball. Well, at least until they sell and then he might be more motivated, however... again, with all the reading I've done, it just sounds like you need to have a lot out there to really get selling.

So, in the meantime, I'm going to talk about another of my projects, which I am entitling "Villainess". A long, long time ago I played in a MMO called City of Villains, and Jesus Christ, let me tell you about all the pervy shit that went on there. I'm talking futa girls, catgirls, people with tentacles, undead Frankenstein monsters out for perfection... oh, that reminds me of another character to add, lemme scribble that down... er, anyway. I mean, before City of Villains came out there was City of Heroes, and you could only play a hero. (unless you RP'd a villain, of course) When CoV came out, it was a big hit. (I won't geek out here about the different archetypes, but suffice it to say, they were waaaaaay better than CoH) It added a new level of dimension to a game I loved.

However, it opened up the pervy door too. I cannot even tell you how many times my main character got hit on by people because it was a constant stream. It wasn't just the run of the mill penis in vagina things either, but a lot of lesbian activity, and futa girls, and aliens wanting to have people give birth to their babies and demons and undead and so on and so on. That being said, among some of my closest friends I did indulge in a bit of "cyber", but mostly it was situational and a fade to black. There were a couple of weird ass moments too, which were not really... sexy... but rather bloody, but in a sexy way. I don't know if I'll ever be able to describe that adequately. It was really fucking dark at times, but that makes sense that I would be attracted to it because I'm at heart a horror writer. I love dark stuff.

So, yeah, Villainess is my experiment with some darker themes, and mixing gore and superheroes in with it too. Now, I know a fair amount of people have said that horror-rotica doesn't sell well because people don't want to be scared/grossed out while getting their jollies, but this is all an experiment anyway, so what do I care? I'm writing a legitimate villain story on my "respectable" name, so this gives me some practice in doing it with literally no holds barred. Which will probably end up kind tame while I get into it, and then expand from there. It also gives me the opportunity to play with different kinds of mindsets, so I think that's good. Plus, it gives me a great excuse to get into some bondage, which may or may not turn hardcore. I haven't quite decided yet. I have the cover in mind already, and I think it's simple enough for myself to do without Jotham. It's going to be more or less full length--or whatever length it takes to get to the end--and it's already reached 13K words, maybe the first third of the story done. Maybe less.

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