Monday, April 20, 2015

A Shotgun Blast or a Kick in the Ass?

... blog title pulled from some song lyrics. Which may or may not be applicable.

What should you do when writing erotica... make a wide scattershot or focus in on one area? Odds are, if you do the scattershot (ie, shotgun blast) you're going to hit something. Don't know what... but something. Advice often given to erotica writers by other erotica writers is to find your niche and write the shit out of it... but you gotta find it first.

Or, should you just concentrate in one thing which you enjoy doing (ie, kick in the ass... aiming for one spot) and just do that? If you find success right away, then that's awesome! Especially awesome because it's something you enjoy doing and you're making money. However, if you don't... then you might just be funneling time and effort into something that just won't ever pan out.

Me, I take a shotgun blast to it. I would like to make money. I won't lie. I would like to be successful. However, I just can't not write something... and I don't want to credit to go to other names. Yeah, they're me, and no, this isn't my real name anyway, but I personally would like to see all these titles, all these genres, all these different things under one name to show what versatility there is. It's against all advice I've ever read in erotica. ALL advice. It comes back to my favorite author, Stephen King. When you open a King book and read for a moment, you know it's a King book... no matter if he's writing horror, drama, action, or anything else. And you know what? He's famous for horror, but he writes in a lot of different genres, even if they may be secondary to horror. He's got a style... when I read the Bachman books--and this is before he came out as Bachman (which dates me, I know)--I knew it was King right away, and I was confused at the name and picture on the back. "This is totally King! Did he ghost write or something?!"

He's got a lot under his belt, and it's really not what people think he's famous for. He writes what he thinks is interesting. Most of that tends to be horror, but not all. Not by a long shot. If I had to imitate an author, it would be him. Hence, I am writing what I'm interested in, with only a nod to what would sell a lot. I found I really enjoyed writing femdom, and it sold alright, so I'm going to continue with that. What else interests me? Fantasy, horror, sci-fi, action thrillers... I really am like a dude in this regard. I also enjoy character studies too. Do I expect it to sell? Yeah, a little. Do I expect to be famous or rich overnight? No. No freaking way. Yet, it's self-publishing, I'm in a good spot in life to do this, and so I can indulge in whatever whims I want. No, my horrorotica doesn't sell worth shit, but I enjoyed writing the hell out of it, and those are both stories I'm proud of... cause I would read them. I enjoy the JKC, and I'm proud of them as well, even if they're cheesy and hokey. They're supposed to be!

So, if you take any advice away from this article, it's write what you love if you don't care about making money, and write what's popular if you do.


  1. I'm never going to write anything in a popular niche, but I hope at least I get some loyal fans who like what I do. I'm never going to write a werewolf story, a typical bondage "claiming of" story, an alpha male story, or a cheating story, all of which seem to be popular.

    I *could* write a vampire story, a witch story, a warrior woman story, and hopefully I can write them with believable and likable characters (they don't have to be nice for you to like 'em) and stories that are actually interesting. There are some other fairly depraved niches I would enjoy writing in that could possibly sell well.

    Who knows, it's all an open book, right now. I just need to finish my first series and see how that goes.

    1. The other piece of advice is "write write write" but I suspect you already know that, Bryce. XD

      Yeah, it basically comes down to why people are doing it... what their motivation is. If their goal to make money and write hot stuff combines into a powerhouse, that's awesome. Unfortunately for me, the stuff I like and I think is hot is not what the majority do. So, I'll have some sales but not many and I'm good with that... because I'm putting out shit *I* want to read.

      Side note, when I DO write my werewolf story, there are going to be dismembered bodies in it, along with the sex. Though not at the same time. OR WILL IT BE?!

    2. Ha! Yeah I like a little sex with my violence. Demons have pretty fucked up tastes. I'm not sure what there's more of in my story, blood or cum. Probably cum. ANYWAY, no sooner do I write "I'll never write a typical bdsm story" above, then today I came up with a great idea for one.

      Life is funny.

    3. I can't +1 here, so I +1 this comment now. :P