Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finally! A Rating! Woo!

Finally, either yesterday or earlier today, someone rated not just one, but two of my books on Goodreads! Woo! The two books were Wet in Space (3 stars) and The Erotic Worlds of the Janus Key Chronicles (4 stars). Honestly, they could have been one stars, complete with a review saying something terrible, and I would have been happy... why? Because that means someone read something I wrote, and cared just enough about it to go that extra step and put in a rating. That's. Awesome. It's why I always try to leave reviews for stuff I've read whether good or bad, because to me... that someone cared enough to write something about your book (or in this case, click the 3 and 4 star categories) means the world.

Now, of course, I know I'm writing stuff which people jerk off to, and that's fine. Obviously I'm stirring some kind of reaction there, heh. Most stroke readers don't leave reviews, so that's why I'm really thrilled. I don't think it'll translate into sales or anything, I just think it's cool as hell. :)

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