Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to Publish Your Book on Amazon (A Newbie's Guide)

And we're back again! The story is written, and I made sure I hit the aspects of the kinks I was interested in: the emotional connection, the husband watching but not participating. I also tried really hard to hit up the humiliation factor, and how hot he found his wife being fucked.

Now that we have our manuscript, what do we do with it?

First things first... read through it and correct any errors you see. Well, I'll do that, but I'm pretending I'm giving you instructions, so bear with me. Since it's erotica, we don't have to spend a lot of time on editing, but you should take a few minutes to correct obvious errors and make sure it reads smoothly.

Second, we need it in a format which is good for uploading to Amazon. I use Google Documents, because I write at home and at work. I then transfer that to Open Office to edit it, put it in the right format, right font, add my back matter and so on. When that's ready, I convert it in Calibur to a .mobi file for uploading. People do upload directly from a .doc file, which works fine, I guess? They also use Scrivener, which I've heard was very good. I don't want to spend extra money on this stuff, so I'm using what free tools I have at hand.

As for back matter, if it's your first story, don't sweat it. However, for each story you write, you should add links and a brief description to each of your other books. In my case, I have an illustrator who works overtime and puts adverts together. Here's the advert I'm putting the back of this story.

It lists all my previous books, notes which ones are in a series and which aren't, and it's readable in a kindle. After this, I put a link to each, and a brief description.

So, now we are ready to upload it to Amazon. Log into your account and hit that big gold button to add another title. Pretty much it's self-explanatory... but I'll mention two things which people have trouble on: keywords and blurbs. 

For keywords, this time I used "cuckold cuckoldry cuckqueen bull hot wife hotwife, political senator secret service bodyguard fucking my wife, black african american man with white woman ebony love, doggy style masturbation voyeurism mf sex erotica, cuckolded by my wife, black man fucked my wife, employee had sex with my wife" which hit all the kinks in the book, in some variations. The last few are because I ran out of stuff to list, so I listed some phrases which people might search for when looking for a black man fucking a white woman or a cuckold book. Whether these are right or wrong, I have no idea. These are just my words, and I have no rhyme or reason to them other than just describing what is in the book and trying to hit things which people might type into Amazon. That's my entire strategy there.

As for the blurb, sort of like the keywords, but more specific and with whole sentences. This one will read:

After a long day working hard for the people of his state, Senator Lyonel Pryce comes home to see his wife in the arms of another man... his big, black security guard D'artagnan Jackson! Read this steamy tale to get all the sordid details as Lyonel realizes his Big, Black Bodyguard Banged his Wife!
This erotic tale contains cuckoldry, m/f, oral, masturbation & voyeurism, and is 4300+ words! 

That's it. After filling out the rest of the details and deciding if we want to put our short in KDP Select (we do), we hit publish, set the price at $2.99, and wait for it to be live.

I have trouble writing short stories like this and charging $2.99 for this. I still haven't lowered my prices though, except for Rump Raiding Raptors because that's the first in the series, and I'm hoping a lower price will get people to buy and then follow the rest of the series. I'm assured by the various things I read that $2.99 is the accepted price for written porn like this, though. I will probably always be going back and forth on that, because it still feels like a rip off. It might be why the Janus Key Chronicles keep getting longer and longer... it feels like less of a rip off if I write more and give the audience more.

In the end though, this is a business venture. $2.99 gets you 70% royalties if you enroll in the KU/KDP select program. It also means you have to sell your book exclusively on Amazon. I haven't seen a reason not to yet, but I'm going to pull some books out of it after a while and put them on B&N and other places to see how they do.

These posts are a very short guide on how to do it, but honestly, the best way to learn is to just fucking do it.

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