Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to Turn Your Research into a Story (A Newbie's Guide)

Heh, I realize saying "a newbie's guide" is a double-edged sword... this is a guide for newbies, by a newbie. :P Take it how you will.

Alrighty, now that we have some ideas of our cuckold fetish, the time comes to arrange your research into what will be a satisfactory story. Ideally, we're aiming for the 4000-6000 word range, as that's the range for most erotic shorts. Anything longer is ok, but the bare minimum is 4000 words. If you have read my stuff, you'll know that most of the stuff I've written is much longer than this, but that's because I write compulsively... and have to have things like plot and characterization in my smut. Silly me.

Now, after I wrote previous post, I did some additional research. Following my own advice, I went to Amazon and typed in "cuckold erotica". The very first one I found was a free promotion, so I bought it. There were also some under Kindle Unlimited which looked interesting, so I bookmarked them for consumption.

The Arrangement 1
Bareback & Black
The BIG BOSS Pounds my Wife

So, we have our examples, we have an idea of what the cuckolding fetish is about, and we have resources at our fingertips to refer to, if we need to. What next? Well, obviously, it's writing. Some people do outlines, and some people don't. I'm in the middle... I sometimes outline, especially if I'm having a hard time writing the story. Even if you don't outline, you need at least a basic idea of what you're going to do and where the story is going. Obviously, our story is going to have the big event be the actual cuckolding. Do we want the cuckolded husband to be watching or participating? Is his wife complicit in the cuckold or does he just stumble upon it?

Out of the possibilities presented in our research, what interests me the most is having it be a consensual thing that they just do... it spices up their sex life, and satisfies them in ways regular sex can't. For the wife, she gets to feel like she's cheating even though she's not. For the husband, he gets the humiliation he craves by watching this dude plow his wife. I've decided to make him a congressman (inspired a bit by House of Cards), and so as he rises up the ranks of politics and gains more power, he keeps his humility in this way... I can actually see that psychologically. Not saying I'm a psychologist or anything, but I'm a depressive... and I've had many people tell me to just think positive thoughts and not to dwell on the negative. However, dwelling on the negative makes me feel better. Yes, it's weird. Yes, it might be destructive. It works. So, in a case like this, I would imagine this congressman has the power and money at his fingertips, but he needs that reminder... needs that idea... needs that extra something to really get him started and keep him humble. Maybe he's a natural submissive, but obviously being a political leader he can't get what he needs for his psychological health in the real world.

There's also the factor of "hey, my wife is fucking sexy, and people should fucking know it and want her." There's a prestige thing there. He's proud people want his wife and wants them to want her, but at the same time, her actually cheating on him would be devastating. It's about the sexual component without the emotional.

Hm. I can really see this. And that's a good sign. So, looking up in the last two paragraphs, which was me spitballing aloud... I can see the (rough) plot. Congressmen gets home from a busy day. Maybe he did something pretty studly like introduce a new bill, or blocked the opposing party from getting something through. Maybe he was commended by the President. Who knows? Something good, something that proves he's a top dog, alpha male, what-have-you. Powerful. So, he comes home, and he finds his wife engaged in relationship with his bodyguard! Here's where the niche mixing is going to come into play... he's going to be an African American bodyguard. Hence, this is where we come up with the title, "My BIG BLACK BODYGUARD Banged my Wife!" Notice the BBB words all mega capitalized. This is actually inspired by my illustrator, Jotham, who gave me this cover when I casually mentioned off hand "Yeah, I'm writing this story about a dude whose wife gets banged by this black bodyguard. He's a congressman. Title is My Black Bodyguard Banged my Wife". Jotham added in the BIG and capitalized it. From a graphic design point of view, he said, and I quote, "No body ever talks about black cocks, they talk about BIG BLACK COCKS. Note how the edges are beveled, and it's capitalized. It's stressing that face, but also mirroring what's going on in the story."

The stars and stripes in the background were my idea. This way, the cover covers all aspects of the story: Congressman, hot wife, black hung dude (just look at the look on her face!), and the title covers everything else which may be in question. 

Ok, Congressman's motives are nailed down, wife's motives are nailed down... bodyguard's? Well, I'm not quite sure yet. Could be he just can't help himself (another aspect of the hotwife fantasy--the bull just can't help it! She's so damn hot!), but I rather like the idea that it's consensual on his part too. That he's in on it. He works for the congressman and his wife, they do a lot of good work, and by god if all she needs is a big deep dickin' while the congressman watches, who is he to say no to that?? He's just a proud American doing his part!

All that's left is to write the story, which I will be doing tonight and getting it up tonight, since the cover's already finished.

Just remember when writing your own stories to put your kinks in the foreground. As Jotham pointed out, it's never just black cocks, it's BIG BLACK COCKS. The hotwife isn't just hot, she's SUPER FUCKING HOT. Hit the kinks hard--that's what your readers are reading for.

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