Saturday, April 11, 2015

New out of the Adult Dungeon: Dominating Her Professor is Live!

Yes, that's right... I got another one adult dungeoned... very much by accident! Dominating Her Professor is now live in Amazon though, AND out of the adult dungeon! Quite by accident, since the picture was so dark, I chose a model who evidently didn't have panties on... whoops! Well, when Jotham lightened up the cover so you could see her body (and the model is gorgeous), it became apparent to him that she didn't have any panties on... but he didn't know Amazon's standards and went ahead with it. Since I had already vetted the pic, I just went ahead with it. Well. Whoops. However, now with a new set of panties courtesy of photoshop, the book is now live!

Thank you for letting Mistress Holly come out and play, Amazon.

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