Thursday, April 23, 2015

This is Why I Use DepositPhotos...

In my "real life" job, I work in customer service. It's a shitty job, in no matter what form... whether you are selling a product, doing customer reviews, or anything inbetween (I happen to do both, hurray for double stack of shit! Mm. Shit sandwich), it's important to always be friendly to the customer. As you know, people are human (gasp!) and even CSR's (Customer Service Representatives) have their off days. What's important is that you fucking eat that shit sandwich, smile, and ask for a double helping of it. It wears on you.

In the computer age, some aspects of customer service have gotten easier. For instance, you can email your customer directly with some sort of form letter asking for their opinions on your service or product, or you can respond to reviews directly online without actually having to interact with them at all. It's easier, but trust me, after writing the billionth response to an online review, it's like churning out erotica... it's the same fucking shit just packaged in a different way. Burn out also sets in here.

Yesterday, I had an email from DepositPhotos, which is the site I use to get stock photos for my covers. Now, I had the $69 (haha, I just realized... sixty-nine) deal which allowed me to download five stock photos per day for a month. I missed a couple of days, but the price for each stock photo was still around like sixty cents apiece. Great deal. I mean, just fantastic. They have a wide selection too...which got even wider when I realized that not just "erotic" and "erotical" tags were ok to be used for erotic sexy covers, but also "sex", "sexy", "passion" and so on, which opened up a lot more photos. I'd just cancelled my account because I had a lot of photos to work with (and I'm busy using them!) and didn't need to download anymore until I started running low again.

So, the email I got was this:

Dear Alana,
My name is Katye and I am your personal account manager at Depositphotos.I wanted to gather your feedback about our site and find out how you are planning to work with Depositphotos.comDo you have a need for stock photos still?
I would be happy to guide you through our plans and pick an optimal solution for you.
Feel free to contact me with any questions by replying to this e-mail or let me know the phone number I can reach you at.
I am looking forward to your reply.

This chick did everything right. She identified herself right off, added a personal touch ("Personal account manager", really? I warranted that?!), asked for feedback, asked for a future gameplan without asking "are you coming back"... she just assumed that (slick shit there), offered a solution to a non-existent problem, asked for contact, and invited me to reply. That's fucking spot on customer service.

I responded with this:

Thank you for your response! I found the depositphotos site easy to navigate, and I especially loved I could create folders to contain my favorite photos so I could find them easily later to download.
I use the photos for book covers, and right now I have a fair selection due to your fantastic daily download plan. I am planning on renewing in the future, but right now, I am flush with gorgeous pictures. I have also found your customer service reps to be especially pleasant and prompt with any inquiries I've had.
I highly recommend your site to any fellow writers who need stock photos for their covers.
Thank you so much for your inquiry! Have a fantastic day!
A. Melos
Hehe, you can see my CSR roots in here too, esp. starting out with "Thank you for your response!". I really didn't have anything negative to say about them, but if I had, I would have pointed it out here, in a positive way. "You could work on X to do Y for your customers." And it's true... I do recommend depositphotos for erotic stock covers. Their selection is fantastic and the images are nice and crisp.

She responded immediately with this:

Dear Alana,
Thank you for your feedback!Next time you need to buy images - just send me an e-mail, I'll set up your account with a special discount promo code.
Also please let me know if I can be of any further help to you.
Have a great day!
 Spot ON customer service. I didn't even ask for a promo, yet now I'm tempted already to resubscribe to take advantage of that. I actually probably will at the end of the month and I know how much I made for certain. I don't know what the discount code is, but I'm excited to get it. That's amazing.

Now, I don't know how good their deals are if you are buying one or two with their credits, but their subscription plans are completely worth it if you plan on, like I do, pushing out a lot of books. I have over a hundred images stored already, yet I'm contemplating buying more that I don't need. Not only was she a great CSR, but also a great saleswoman. I cannot recommend them enough for the good deals and friendly and prompt customer service.

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