Friday, May 15, 2015

Dominating Her Biker Now Live!

Wow, in my "social media blitz" (which is pretty pathetic, don't ask, I don't like spamming) I completely forgot to post on the blog that Dominating Her Biker is now live! This is the dirty, dirty romance I was talking about earlier... I didn't realize I was writing a romance until it was done! It still contains the femdom and bondage I love and love to write about, but it's a bit softer, with more character development. I still hope you enjoy!

I should be working on the next Dominating Her Man next week... which I have a great idea for it. I just have to find the right picture. Jotham says these covers don't take much and I believe him. I think he modifies the picture a little--this particular one the male model wasn't wearing underwear! Why do I have a tendency to pick naked pictures for this series?--as necessary, puts on the template, changes the title and voila! Sometimes he does... artsy things... to it. I'm not a photoshopper, so I'm not sure what. 

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow night, I will be hitting "PUBLISH" on the Rock Hardin book... Operation: Thrustmaster! Stay tuned!

EDIT: Also stay tuned for a new blog for tonight concerning writing. I had just thought that I need to update my back matter (again), which would make for a good 'how to' post!

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