Tuesday, May 26, 2015


As not many know (unless you're following on Twitter where I've tried to be positive, albeit short, and Facebook both), I recently quit my job, and found out my basement is flooding. Not... really a fantastic Memorial Day weekend for me here, to say the least! The job situation is being controlled, and as much as I wish I could just sit down and be a writer, it's not in the realm of possibility yet to make a living from it. Now, the profits made will be starting to roll this at the end of this month, so that's great! I still need a real life job, though.

One would think since I quit, I should be pumping out smut a lot then! I have the time, right? Maybe in another world I might have, but since we had a stupid amount of fuckton rain, my basement started flooding... twice. We got it cleaned up once, and had one day of a rain free basement, and then it started anew. Now, the good news is that it's not like completely flooded, only one or two things actually got water damaged (which was a couple pieces of my husband's art which had been leaning up against the wall). It's more like the sump pump we have isn't triggering soon enough to prevent waterocalypse in the back bedroom which we had planned to turn into a hobby room. (Thankfully, our laziness in getting stuff down there was actually psychic! Had we been as motivated as I wanted, we might have lost a LOT of books and games, some of which are VERY expensive and a few which can't be replaced anymore) We think this is because the back bedroom-soon-to-be-hobby-room has a slight grade to it, and while the sump pump triggers soon enough to catch any other badness, either because the house settled or whatever, that corner ends up getting soaked.

How does this affect my writing? Well, first, I ended up writing at my job a lot because I worked nights and didn't see many people, so I was able to usually crank out 5K to 10K of words a night, depending on how motivated and/or busy I was. I'm trying to go back to get a night job, but being as it will be with a different company, using a personal computer at work may be frowned upon. That will cut my writing down dramatically as I have real life obligations to deal with while I'm awake in the afternoon. Second, even though I've had this time off, I've been super depressed. If I'm angry, I can still write... it just tends to be a little more nastier/vicious. But being sad and worried and anxious about the basement (and trying not to kick myself in the ass like "I picked NOW to quit? NOW? Really, self?" It was past overdue at that place. It really was. I keep telling myself that. :P), doesn't equate to sexy times at all... nor does it equate to writing times.

However, today we will hopefully get the basement people in (being a holiday weekend, we just had to sit and suffer for two days here because people had time off, and while it was wet, it wasn't worth the emergency call to come in and pay to get an estimate) to have a look and tell them what we know, and try to get a solution going. Financially, we're actually OK since the husband and I are smart and have money saved up. The in laws also said they'd pay for the basement, but depending on how extensive we need to do the repairs, I would rather not unless it was out of our reach. The insurance for the house may also pay for it. Lastly, at some point in the future, the inheritance I was supposed to get from my father's estate will kick in. I don't anticipate that for several months at best, but it's enough to basically waterproof the entire basement (which if you look up those numbers, it's fairly substantial). That's a rather extreme step I don't want to take, and if we can fix it without spending tens of thousands of dollars, I would be very happy about that! (The in laws also volunteered to pay for an entire waterproofing, and I looked at my husband aghast saying, "Do they KNOW how much that IS?!" I just really can't take that much from them. If we absolutely had to, it would be a loan, because I would pay every cent of that back. Paying for a new sump pump, which runs up to about $250... sure. Paying for the entire basement? No. Fucking. Way.)

Considering how anxious I was when I quit my job (I shall not go over those details here, but suffice it to say I walked out... and I don't do that, ever. Ever. EVER. So it was bad enough I left in the middle of my shift), and the basement thing compounding it, I feel OK now. Not great because there are a lot of unknowns yet, but OK. Tonight (assuming I don't get called for an interview, hired, and called in for training tonight... I'm thinking positive!) I am putting together a bundle and then making myself sit down and start writing. It's actually coming at a good time for writing because I was planning on the next Cheri novel. The first one flopped completely. It was actually at like 1Million+ in ranking. Literally no one bought it or borrowed it. Then, magically, in this last week, it's gotten a buy and two borrows! Why? I don't know! I was planning on doing just enough of her story to make a bundle and then drop it, but if people are finding it, then maybe it won't be the flop I thought it was! The good thing about that is that it's first person, which is much faster for me to write than third (assuming I don't switch over in the middle of the book, which is what I did with Cheri's first novel! lol)

So, tonight a new bundle will be done to be live tomorrow, and hopefully by the end of the week, a new Cheri novel and progress on the next JKC after that!


  1. You take care of yourself, take care of your own.Do what you gotta do. You strike me as the kind of person who doesn't let others dictate her feelings, even when they're conflicted, so that's good.

    1. Thank you very much, Bryce. Already two happy updates: we have a guy coming in tomorrow for an estimate on the basement, AND a job interview tomorrow! Positive thinking!