Friday, July 24, 2015

Fox Tales: Erotic Tales of the Kitsune is Now Live on Amazon!

Ah, yes, this book has taken forever. And forever. And more evers. IT HAS TAKEN ALL THE EVERS! However, I seem to remember the first in this series, 1001 Erotic Nights, being the same way and taking a long time to write. Maybe it's because of the voice I use for it, keeping it in a particular style, or maybe it was because so many fox wife tales are very similar... it doesn't matter. Fox Tales: Erotic Tales of the Kitsune is now live on Amazon! I am so happy that it's going live on Friday, and I am even more happy about the cover. It's so pretty! Jotham does such a great job with them.

Already I am a small ways into the next book, and this will be a Janus Key Chronicle, Tore Up by Thor. Or maybe Thunderstruck by Thor. I haven't quite decided on a name for it yet. However, it's Debbie plus vikings.... how can this not be awesome?

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