Sunday, July 12, 2015

I'm Done With You! (Fox Tales excerpt)

I thought I'd try something new! Instead of grousing about writing techniques or advertising, I thought I'd post one of the tales from the upcoming Fox Tales, Erotic Stories of the Kitsune and see if people dug it. This excerpt is uh obviously for mature audiences, and contains oral, anal, and vaginal sex. With that, enjoy!


    Once upon a time there was a handsome young man, with a bright future ahead of him as a warrior. He lived in a village in the country, and readied himself to go study the art of war. As he was out practicing with his wooden sword one day, a fox saw him, and found him extremely handsome. She followed him back to his house, and stole inside while he was sleeping. There, she transformed into a lovely young woman and crawled into his bed. Her hand found his cock, and began stroking him as he slept. As he cock grew harder, she bent to take it into her mouth, gently suckling him.
    As the fox sucked him slowly, the young man became awake. He was very startled at the lovely young naked woman who was pleasuring him orally, but because he was a young man and as we all know young men have yet to learn wisdom, he went with it. As she swirled her tongue around his cock, he reached and ran his hand through her silken hair, not able to believe his good luck. She began to bob her head as she took more and more of him into her mouth, until she was swallowing his whole cock, pumping it with her mouth. Her tongue kept moving as she did, creating extra sensations as she deep throated him relentlessly.
    He reached over and lifted the lovely young woman so that she was straddling him, her pussy set over his mouth. He began to lick her as she had begun licking him, tracing his tongue around her delicate folds as he zeroed in on her clit. She moaned as he began to pleasure her, her mouth stuffed so the sounds were muffled, low and urgent. Encouraged by her sounds of desire, he continued to lick, running the tip of his tongue along her clit, which sent shivers throughout the fox’s body. She ground her pussy down on his face as he gripped her thighs and pulled her even closer to him. All the while, she continued to bob her head on his cock, up and down, sucking him with greater and greater force until he was on the verge of coming.
    He licked her pussy ferociously, trying to stave off his orgasm for as long as possible. The young man couldn’t prolong the experience though, as she was very good as sucking cock. When he came, she drank down every drop, milking his cock for every bit of nourishment it would give. At the same time, juices from her pussy gushed and covered her face, and she cried out in pleasure. The circle of energy complete, they rode out their climaxes on each other until they both fell into an exhausted pile. The lovely young woman climbed off of the handsome young man, smiled sweetly at him, and turned back into a fox. She leaped out of the window as he sat up in bed, perplexed by her change.
    The next night, the young man laid down to rest early, being tired from his activities the night before. As he slumbered, the fox crept into his window again, and transformed into the lovely young woman. She took the handsome young man’s cock in hand, and stroked him until he was hard. When he grew hard, his eyes flew open, and he smiled at seeing his lover again. She shushed him before he could say anything, and this time mounted his cock. As she lowered her luscious, wet pussy onto his hardness, he admired how radiant she was. He had never seen a beauty like her before, refined yet at the same time wild and exotic. Her eyes glowed in the moonlight. Her skin was like cream, flawless in every way. Her breasts, while small, were perfectly formed, each tipped with a small red nipple standing at attention. Putting his hands on her sweet breasts, the handsome young man began to pump his hips, thrusting his cock up into her hot, delectable pussy. The fox maiden groaned as he did so, and swiveled her hips, slamming her hips down to meet him. Together they moved as one, the ebb and flow of pleasure and desire flowing between them perfectly as they completed a circle.
    With each passing moment, the young man’s passion grew, and he cried out his pleasure to the world. Her pussy was so tight, seeming to suck his cock up into it, and holding fast. Her delicious wild scent filled the room, heightening his lust for her. He played with her nipples, flicking them with this fingers, then pinching them tightly as she mewled and writhed on top of him wantonly. As her wetness tightened around him, he came, exploding into her. The fox maiden slammed herself down upon his cock as it pulsed inside of her, and squeezed him for all he was worth, once again milking him of every drop of cum until he fell back upon the bed, exhausted. So tired was he that he didn’t even see her change this time as he fell asleep instantly.
    The next day, the handsome young man looked at himself in a looking glass. His face appeared haggard and wan. He was tired from the night before, but the experience was worth it, completely. He had never had such pleasure before, and he wondered if the fox would return the next night. Even though he felt drained, he couldn’t wait to see her again.
    As before, during the third night, the fox stole into his room and woke him by stroking his cock to life. He smiled at her, and she smiled at him as she bent to take his cock into her mouth. She licked his cock up and down, left and right, every which way until it was covered in her saliva. When that was done, she climbed upon the bed and prostrated herself, showing her perfect ass, and spreading her little cheeks apart so he could see every single bit of her bum. Unable to resist such a wanton and wicked invitation, the handsome young man struggled to his knees and placed his well lubricated cock at her ass. As she wiggled and writhed underneath him, he sank his cock deep into her ass, gasping at what a different sensation it was than her mouth or her pussy. He’d never fucked a woman in the rear before, and from here on out, he wanted nothing else. He eased every single inch of his long, hard cock into her ass, and rested it there once he buried it to the hilt.
    The fox maiden bucked back against him, and with her spurring him on, he began to pump his cock in and out of her ass slowly, savoring every bit of her as he did so. The way her ass squeezed him drove the young man crazy, and soon he fucked her rear relentlessly, thrusting his cock in roughly and pulling it out slowly. As he fucked her, the fox maiden groaned and writhed underneath him, panting as heat rolled off of her in waves. She thrust her ass back at him, encouraging him to go deeper and deeper. He fucked her in this way for a long time as she worked him into a frenzy with her wiggling beneath him. When he came, he thrust hard into her ass… and again, as before, she seemed to milk him dry, draining him of every drop of his cum.
    The handsome young man fell into a deep sleep immediately afterwards, and did not see the fox leave through his window. The next day, it took him a long time to rouse from his slumber. He went about his day as if in a daze, unable to fully concentrate on his work as the bone-tired weariness he felt settled in and colored everything a dull haze of grey.
    When the night fell next, he tried to stay awake for the fox maiden to come into his window, but he fell asleep. The handsome young man awoke to the fox maiden stroking his limp cock, trying to make it come alive. She tried and tried, even taking the soft thing into her mouth and suckling him sweetly. He wanted to get hard, but after the three nights of fucking and sucking, he was too tired and could not rouse himself to hardness. After a long time, the fox maiden gave up and turned to go out the window. ‘Wait!’ he cried. ‘Will you not stay with me and hold me through the night if we cannot make love?’
    The fox maiden turned to him, her beautiful golden eyes reproaching. ‘We are not married,’ said she. ‘I am not under any obligation to stay if you cannot satisfy me and nourish me in my needs.’
    ‘Please, please stay,’ he implored the beautiful young maiden. ‘I will give you anything you want if you just kiss me and stay.’
    She looked scornfully at his limp cock, then back to him. ‘I came specifically because I found you handsome and needed spiritual nourishment. If you cannot feed me, why should I stay?’
    ‘Stay because I love you,’ he said, ‘and because you love me.’
    ‘Love has nothing to do with it,’ she said and turned to leave.
    ‘How can you be so hard and cruel?’ he cried.

    At that, the fox turned back to him impatiently. ‘There are no marital obligations between us,’ she said. ‘I came to feed, and now that your spiritual essence has been depleted, there is nothing more for me here. Why should I not go? This is like the liaisons built on power and wealth, which are broken when there is nothing more to be had. They, too, are severed when the well dries. Humans curry favor with people to get something from them, and leave when they have nothing more to gain… and yet I am being reproached!’ With that, she turned into her fox form, leaped out the window, and was never seen by the handsome young man again.

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