Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Primal Urges is Live on Amazon!

The third in the horrorotica anthology series Wantonly Wicked, Primal Urges is now live on Amazon! Yes, even with all the KU debate, I still put it up there and in KU--read my previous post if you don't understand why, but in short, still in the 'wait and see' category. So, I'm waiting and seeing.

I've actually had the cover for this one forever, but just hadn't gotten around to writing it. I have too many stories in my head! And from the Cheri experience, I know to go with what interests me. Werewolves and vampires interest the fuck out of me, so while I didn't have much time to write this one, it still came out at 16,000+ words in length, a decent sized novelette. It is classified as a paranormal romance (though I'm still WTFing over the horror>LGBT category... it does have some hot lesbians kissing and making out in it, so I"m thinking I messed up with my keywords? I don't want to misrepresent) but it has strong horror and erotic elements in it. Very strong. Yet it does have... the ending required for a romance, and I'm satisfied with it.

It IS an experiment though, rather like Hunger of the Heart was, going for romance or erotic romance rather than straight erotica. There are a lot of juicy bits in it, though, so never fear on that end!

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