Friday, August 7, 2015

Angel's Kiss Review

Alright, so I promised reviews, and you'll get them! But we're going to start by reposting reviews I've already
Plus, his covers are so pretty too. I know he
has a graphic design background, and it
done on Goodreads. Yeah, a bit boring, I know, but I have been busy writing and not reading lately! I can't exactly review my own books. :P

This one is Angel's Kiss by Bryce Calderwood. What I wrote on Goodreads was this:

"While futa girls are not my kink, the sex Bryce writes is really hot. However, more than the sex, I enjoyed the world building, mythos, and characters he's created in this series so far. (I'm still reading Demon's Embrace--yes, I actually finished the second one first. Sue me.) My rating would actually be 4.5 stars (I always round down, sorry man), and if it were my kink, I would definitely reread it. I am eagerly looking forward to the next in the series just to see where Bryce leads Veronica next!"

All that is true. I don't like the five star system though. I'd rate this book a 9 futa girl cocks out of 10. Why not a perfect 10? Glad you asked... there's actually not enough plot for me and too much sex. Ha! Who complains about an erotica with too much sex? It's not really a complaint, but that I would have rather read more about ass-kicking and the world. Yes, I know it's erotica. That doesn't mean it has to be wall to wall sex! And the sex he wrote is pretty damn hot. It's not my kink, but it's so well written and evocative it could have been. And to be honest, I can wait until he writes the next one to read it. :P But it's a really damn interesting series, and a really damn interesting world. I want to see what happens in it.

The plot? Well, demon hunter Veronica hooks up (in more ways than one) with an angel, Sariel, to confront the demon villainess from the first book, Xezbeth. There's a couple of plot twists in there, but it's a pretty basic 'world is going to end, we gotta do something about it, let's stop and fuck first' book. Which, now that I think on it, is about the plot to every single paranormal romance out there ever. But with well written sex, instead of Ikea sex like in the Anita Blake books. Only somewhat less wangst, though. However, it's nice to see a heroine have a good cry and not be shamed for it, like she's not strong enough. I enjoyed that.

I've actually almost finished Demon's Embrace, so when I start anew with "new" reviews, then that will likely be one of the first.

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