Monday, August 10, 2015

Customer Service Review

I bet if waitresses wore just this
they'd get tipped more all the time.
Back for another review! This one is Customer Service by Felicity Brandon. I'd like to stop and give her a shout out here real quick for getting an actual publishing contract! Look for her book Submission at the Tower hopefully very soon. :)

First thing I'd like to say is that the cover is a bit plain, but most of Felicity's covers concentrate on the model in the picture, and since this is her first book, I think this one set the pace for that. It's not bad, don't get me wrong, just a bit plain. It does convey that it's erotica pretty well though, and I like that she didn't cut the head off the model like so many other erotica covers do.

Second thing I'd like to mention is that it's in the present and not past tense. It still reads pretty smooth, but that particular style choice I do not care for. I don't take marks off for it because it's a valid style choice, but were I not purchasing this book (and yes, I purchased it, none of her stuff is in KU) for the purposes of a review but rather for my own reading pleasure, I would have skipped it.

Alright! So now to the review! Polly, the main character of the story is a waitress having a really busy and bad night. Rachel is one of her customers, whom she doesn't serve exactly awesome. Rachel leaves Polly a note saying she has a great ass and to call her sometime, with a number.

This is where I took some points off... I work in customer service in my real life, and I have to say... Rachel didn't leave a tip! What the hell! Having been a waitress, even if the super hottest guy in the universe left me a note and no tip after being a bastard all night while I was having a bad day... I'd throw the note directly in the trash and probably cuss him out all night. It'd also turn into one of my weird customer service stories. "Yeah, I served this guy and he left me a fucking note hitting on me instead of a tip! Like I was gonna go suck his dick after that, I don't give a fuck HOW hot he was!"

Fortunately, that annoyance is addressed as Polly takes a bath and chills out later, then thinks how intriguing it was. She'd never been hit on by a woman before, and thus... the story really takes off when she calls Rachel. Sexy hijinks ensue.

I don't want to give up too much more for the actual acts...but it is a BDSM femdom story, which are close to my heart. Granted, it's a lesbian story, but the femdom in it is pretty hot. Felicity is a good writer too. The manuscript is really polished, smooth, and even though it's in a style I don't care for, very easy to read and forget about the 'fuck this note shit!' in the beginning. The sex is hot, but I do have one more quibble, which I think just goes to show this is her first story... and if this is the beginning and she only got better from here? DAMN. Color me envious.

Anyway, the one last quibble... at one point, Polly narrates that she's being spanked and her mistress is avoiding her pussy. The very next sentence Polly tells us her mistress hits her pussy now and again... which is a direct contradiction to the previous sentence. That's it. I mean, that's all that I could find technically wrong with the prose... that's it. That's really fucking impressive. When I say it's polished, I mean it's really polished.

I would give this 8 of 10 spankings. Not my cup of tea since I am mostly straight, but incredibly well written, and it has a very hot mistress in it.

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