Saturday, August 1, 2015

Queen of Swords Cover!

Yes, I'm really excited about this... sue me. :)

So, my graphic designer took my "Uh, it's kinda about this, and she wears a mask and here's the title...and a picture..." and made a brilliantly beautiful cover from my stumbling words. The cover for the newly finished (and getting edited) Queen of Swords, Villainess #1 book is here!

I have to squee. It's so beautiful. It just is! I know it doesn't necessarily read "erotica" but I don't give a fuck. I march to the beat of some... other drummer, and take the path less paid and chosen and all that. I know he's got some refining to do, and to change the title somewhat (not the Queen of Swords bit, but adding or changing a line of text to make sure "Villainess" gets in there). 

For the ONE person who I know has read parts of my legit novel, I'm actually setting it in the same world, but not at the same time. 

I JUST CAN'T STOP SQUEEING! It's so pretty! It's way better than I could have imagined. I think I'm going to make him keep the mask motif up on every cover for this series. And yes, there will be more. I love Caprice's voice. It's dark, and it's a bit gritty, and it's... well, it's a world of villainy. It's not going to be a light read. It's something I would read. It may turn out like my horrorotica and not be a good seller, but I loved writing it. It was so much fun.

With cover adjustments and editing, the book may even be out by Sunday. If not, shortly thereafter. I don't have much editing to do... but rather going through and making sure a few plot threads line up, and there are no errors. Depending on how RL work goes, I should be done editing this time tomorrow. 

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