Saturday, August 8, 2015

Queen of Swords Review!

I was absolutely thrilled to get this review, which I will repost here, for Queen of Swords. Of course, since this is my blog I'm allowed to squee and crow just a bit. :) Check it out!

As a big fan of urban adult/erotic fantasy, it's oftentimes difficult to find a story that can mesh a great story with the erotic. The Queen of Swords does that very, very well. It has an interesting plot, compelling characters, an ACTUAL storyline, and great sex. The story is rather dark but I like that. There are many books written from the hero perspective. It was refreshing to get to see the villain side of things for once. Especially one as interesting as Caprice. She's psycho, yes, but not one dimensional in any way.The plot is pretty standard. A job is taken, Trouble ensues, Secrets are revealed. However, what raises this to the level of great are the little things the author throws in. I won't give away all of them but I will point out the one that really impressed me. In most stories, the female protagonist is always described as gorgeous, beautiful, or perfect. Caprice is no different. However, Caprice reveals that she got her perfection from a metahuman that molds flesh. She wasn't born with it. She had to pay for it. I really liked that. After all, wouldn't we all go for perfection if we could afford it?My only complaint is that I finished the book. I want more! Hopefully the author continues this as a series. I will be reading every one. So should everyone looking for a great story/read.

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