Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Pixie's Passion (Book One of the Mortal Champion) Review

It's a pretty cover too. Doesn't scream
erotica, but fantasy, which is nice, IMO.
Alrighty, here's the last copy/paste from Goodreads... and then Goodreads is gonna get copy/pasted from here. :P When I do more reviews, I mean. Which will be shortly. Anyway! Here's the next review. It's of The Pixie's Passion, Book One of the Mortal Champion, by Reed James. Reed's a good guy, very positive, and willing to do reviews too. He reviewed The Shagging Tree and gave it five stars, which was awfully nice of him. Now, I know erotica writers who review often like give out only good reviews. From what I've seen of Reed's reviews, he's either really selective, or is just a positive person and says all nice things. The lowest I've seen on his site is three stars. 

First, I'm doing a ten point system, so if you get a three, that's kinda bad. Second, I assure you that while things are taken into account for how the erotica genre is (ie, mostly shorts, plot's not AS big a deal, etc etc), I'm still rating it whatever. If I enjoyed the read, I enjoyed it. If I didn't, then I didn't. That being said, let's go on to the actual review. This is copy/pasted from Goodreads.

"I just finished this book, and I have to say I think it's a winner. I'm going to go through the bad first, and then gush. :)

The bad: There are some spelling/formatting errors scattered throughout the text which I found distracting. Most of these are of the 'spell check reads it as ok, but it's really not' variety, such as using your instead of you're and so on. I'm a bit nitpicky when it comes to my books, and proper formatting is a must. It throws me immediately out of the story and makes me reach for my red pen. 

In addition, and this is *personal preference*, some of the sex scenes were too short. HOWEVER! That being said, there are a lot of them! For the most part, they are very well written. I just wish there was more? Can that be a bad?

The good: The plot was very intriguing and MADE SENSE. Yes, of COURSE it makes sense Maeve fucks guys to see if they are the champion. It's a perfect set up. And yes, of COURSE she's open to sexual relationships--she's a faerie! Not only that, but I really loved how Reed touched on polyamory, which is something that isn't discussed a whole lot, and how it's loving people with permission of your partner. Such a great way to put it! 

This is, of course, a plot heavy book, but the plot doesn't move that much, at least not initially. I would basically put it as the first act of a first novel of a trilogy. This is the Heroic Set Up where we find out who the hero is, and actions begin to brew to move against our hero. I also liked the parallels drawn between Summer and Winter, but as I read further in the series, I hope that the capriciousness of all fae--at least according to mythology--is highlighted, and how alien they can be. Of course, since it's the first book, a lot of the plot did deal with the set-up and worldbuilding, and I'm perfectly happy with that. 

The sex was pretty hot, and it was plentiful. As I mentioned before, some of the scenes were short, but that's a personal preference. I would rate it 4.5 stars (I always round down when it comes to ratings), and if the formatting errors were fixed, I would probably bump it up to a five."

After reading this, I'd probably give it an 8 pixie pussies bordering on 8.5. Those errors really threw me out of the story. And I've been nailed for that stuff too--I totally get it. It's stuff the author's eye just skips over when they are editing. It happens. Happens all the time. Distracting enough I just can't quite... give it more. I really am looking forward to the next in the series, and soon enough I'm sure it'll be up here as a review. In the meantime, I'd say check it out. It's sexy, and it was entertaining.


  1. I like to focus on the positive aspects of a story when I review. Just my style. If I don't like a story's plot, I'll focus more on the writing style. I review stories that often aren't genres I like, but I recognize that people who like those genres would like this story since it's quality. For erotica, though, a hot story with kinky sex can overcome terrible writing. But if I three star something, it's probably crap. But my reviews are honest. What I write are my thoughts.

    1. :) There's nothing wrong with that! Positivity is missing in the world today quite a bit, but for reviews, I'm more of a negative Nancy sadly. However, small errors isn't enough to knock down a book, and like I said in the review... there's a lot more to the series and this was a good starting point. :D

      As far as I'm concerned, you're awesome! :D

    2. Thanks! I picked up your Villanious book. Looking forward to finding the time to read it.