Thursday, August 6, 2015

Villainess #1: Queen of Swords Live on Amazon!

Wow, do I suck at self-promotion or what? So excited was I about the cover, I posted about that, but forgot to post when the book was actually live! So, for those few who read this, Queen of Swords is live on Amazon right now!

It actually came in at just shy of 27K words, and I did a weird thing here, although it makes sense. Yes, there is sex in the book, and some of it is really hot. However... it's actually... plot driven. As in it's all about the plot. I sat down and thought about it long and hard, "Should I categorize this in erotica? Yes, there's sex, but that's actually not the main thrust of the story." Unlike with Operation: Thrustmaster, I wrote spy situations to get him specifically into sexy situations. Caprice's sexy situations just happened, or were negotiated. And yes, she has a lot of sex, and will in the future, but the whole book is about this job she took and the consequences which arrived from it. It's plot, not sex, driven. I can't see any future ones NOT being plot driven either, especially since I had a fantastic time writing it. I also can't see sex not being in it either, because she's an incredibly sexual and violent person.

I did as all writers should do: turned to research. Looking up superheroes and supervillains on Amazon found me a lot of erotica. A lot of it. Like. Tons. So, alright, at least that trail had been blazed before me, but the thing is... much of it should be in erotica. When I did some reading, it wasn't plot orientated. There was a whole series parody capitalizing on the Avengers movie and Marvel movie universe in general, and... I don't know. The whole deal left me feeling a bit underwhelmed. However, I feel that categorizing Queen of Swords as 'fantasy > superheroes' is the right choice for this series. I put warnings on for explicit sex including some light bdsm, and people can take just a glance at my catalog and figure out what I write. The thing is... this book? It IS about superheroes (well, villains, but other side of that coin), and their world, and how this one villain is navigating through it. I'm not doing what some black hat authors do and mis-categorizing their books. Hell, I put my horrorotica under 'horror' and 'romance', and that's true. I couldn't do otherwise. I just couldn't.

Anyway, in case you missed it before, here's the beautiful cover Jotham did! Go out, and buy it now! :P

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