Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Awakening (Sorceress of Desire Book 1) Review

Dat ass!
It's been a while since I've done a review. Now, I've done a couple reviews on my RL account, so it's not like I haven't been reading... I just haven't been reading things as Alana. (Boy, it can be
exhausting sometimes having an alter ego. It's like being Batman, but way less cool.) However, today I'm back and we are looking at Awakening, Sorceress of Desire Book 1 today by Aaron Abson.

I don't remember exactly how I came across this book. I think it was from an author post on the eroticaauthors subreddit. Intrigued by whatever post they had posted, I followed them to their blog and read up on their monthly totals and then checked out the book. I thought, "Hey, the cover looks nice, and 'Sorceress of Desire'? Sounds interesting!" So, I borrowed it... and I am very glad I did so.

In the tradition of erotica shorts, it's pretty shortish, but not TOO short. We are introduced to Sasha, who is female wizard. Wizards in this world bond with spirits to make them more powerful. Like, the best they can do is parlor tricks, really, without that spirit. Each spirit is different and can be of varying degrees of power. For instance, a wizard could bond with the spirit of a tree (like A particular tree), a forest, the idea of "trees" (like all trees everywhere), or Nature... and so on. It can be something concrete like earth, or an idea like intelligence. Sasha goes in for her test... and bonds with a spirit of Desire. Here's where the hijinks come in.

Yet not really. I told you it was short, and basically while there's a lot of sex in it, it's all sort of... imaginary sex. You'd have to read it to understand. Still good. Still hot. But imaginary. The idea of the book itself is very simple, but executed very well. It sets up why the lead character is going to be a banging bunny, why she's super hot, takes care of all the inherent problems in erotica with practicality. I like the lead character, which is good since we're stuck in her head. Not so much with the spirit of Desire, but I think she's supposed to come off a bit like a sexy-know-it-all. I like that there's male and female guards, but really don't like the idea that most wizards are dudes. I would like that prejudice explained more fully in the next book, or if there really is a specific reason why women can't wield the powers of magic very well. For what appears to be an equal world otherwise, that prejudice struck me a little odd.

The only other complaint I had was the beginning with the lead wizard droning on and on. I think that speech could have been done better, and the author could benefit from a beta reader to get suggestions from. However, it's very minor quibble, and I soon sank into the rest of the story.

I can't wait to read the next one... because I can only see how things can escalate from here! It should be exciting. I definitely recommend checking it out as I give it eight imaginary orgasms out of ten.

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