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Mindy Book Snitch Reviews The Devil and Delilah! (And, uhm, some other thoughts....)

Yes, this is exclamation point worthy!

I also have two books to review myself, so hopefully I shall get those in a couple of days here. I simply must continue writing... because I'm excited to continue Delilah's adventure and Caprice's as well! However, Rock has been waiting patiently in the wings (*pats* Poor secret agent, we're working on it!), and Dirk and Debbie have their adventures to continue as well... not to mention Selena from Back End is tapping her foot at me.

*points above* All of these people live in my head. It makes it crowded. I really wish I could sit down and concentrate on one at a time, finish a series, and move on. However, my brain just doesn't work like that... and as my tabletop players for the games I run can attest, the longer my brain sits and works on something, the better and more twisted it ends up being. In the long run, switching my attention from series to series helps each book be the best it can be. In the short run, it's frustrating because I would like to see what happens next in these stories too! I'm writing stuff I want to read, and when I deviated from that... the writing turned to hack writing. It was ok, but my heart wasn't in it. I could tell.

Each of these series appeals to a different part of me. Delilah hits most of my marks with the Weird West (it's my favorite niche genre), horror, dark fantasy, and tons of lore. Villainess hits the rest of them that weren't tagged before in the super hero genre, psychopaths, and flat out sadism. Yet Rock is a lot of fun, with his cocky grin, his American CAN DO spirit, and lots of car chases and spy sexy times. The Witches of Back End? Well, there's my paranormal urban fantasy love right there, done light-hearted and silly at times, but with the sexiness that's often hinted at but avoided by urban fantasy authors. And then there's the pulp serial aspect of the Janus Key Chronicles. So much fun writing Dirk & Debbie... it's like Indiana Jones on steroids. Sexy steroids. With butt-fucking raptor men. So, yeah, all of them appeal to me, but today is Delilah's day. Her star is rising.

I am so fucking glad Mindy enjoyed the book. Bryce had told me it was right up her alley, and I was like, "Yeah, but weird west isn't something that people really... talk about." I mean, it's not steampunk. I love me some steampunk, don't get me wrong, but it's all so Victorian and clean and proper and stuff. I had a talk with a good friend of mine about how the 'punk' part of steampunk is often ignored, and that it's actually a dystopian genre, with a glint of hope for the future in it. People concentrate on that glint, but forget that steam requires coal... and mining coal in the Victorian age led to a lot of early deaths. And child labor. And a down-trodden underclass. If I ever write steampunk, it'll concentrate on that aspect of it, but that's for another day.

So yeah, not a lot of people gush about the Weird West. There's Jonah Hex, of course, in the comic world (and the movie wasn't bad either. Not great, but not bad), and there's various games like Deadlands and Werewolf: the Wild West which help to expand it... for television, there's the old classic Wild, Wild West (which was awesome. The movie... not so much, but it had its moments), Firefly (yes, it's Weird West. In space, but still Weird West), and of course Brisco County Jr (Bruce Campbell FTW!). A lot of other shows often had one-offs touching the genre. Trigun, an anime, is Weird West. Some of the best examples come from movies. Ravenous (LOL ignore the Casio music theme--like I don't know what the composer was thinking for that) is a perfect example of the genre. It's a take on the legend of the Wendigo, of course, and it has some horrific, bloody parts to it, all set in a remote military station in the mountains. Plus, the movie is fucking awesome. The Good, The Bad, The Weird is another Weird West tale, set in Korea I believe. It's basically the Hong Kong equivalent to the American genre, and it's awesome. The action is fantastic, the characters are funny yet relatable, and there's so much kick ass in it, it'll knock your socks off. The Warrior's Way is another one Hong Kong style, yet filmed in New Zealand (so it's in English). It wasn't as good as The Good, The Bad, The Weird, but I still enjoyed it. However, the classic Weird West tale which got me started on the genre is the spaghetti western High Plains Drifter. It's a classic tale, which I won't spoil, but suffice it to say one of the characters in the Delilah series is directly inspired by this film. If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it. (Of course, I love all the Eastwood spaghetti western films, they're just awesome... and they introduced me to Kurosawa too, always a good thing)

Hm. This is not so much about the review but rather thoughts on the genre and my series so far. Let's get back on track, shall we? Mindy did receive a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review (ARC, or advanced reader copy), and I'm so pleased she enjoyed it. I also note that she says she is now a weird west erotica fan... and if you look for "weird west erotica" on Amazon, you'll see exactly two stories: Delilah and a steampunk tale. That is all. I WILL CORNER THE MARKET!

Well, it would be cool to start a new trend, but I highly doubt that will happen. It doesn't matter though, as I love the series, will continue to write it, and will finish it to completion, wherever that may lie. The links below link directly to her reviews, but I highly recommend taking the time to go over her other reviews. Not only are they spot on and tell you exactly what you want to know (how hot is it? How good is the story? And so on), but they are funny as hell to read. It's so much fun seeing someone who enjoys reading like that.

But the BEST part about her reviews is when she makes pictures for the series characters. That never ceases to both crack me up and amaze me that she gets that into them, and then presents these pics like, "Hey! Here's what I see!" That's just awesome.

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