Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sexy Excerpt from the Upcoming Knob Jobs & Broomsticks

Hidey ho, neighborinos!

I'm done with the femdom series (and the post about the new one will be forthcoming here), and in honor of Halloween, I am going to switch things up and write some paranormal tales, kicking off a couple of new series. Because I don't have enough already. Nope.

This story is called "Knob Jobs and Broomsticks" and will be the first of the "Witches of Back End" series. With that, please enjoy. It's a short excerpt, but one I really liked. :)

He stepped into her personal space, and stretched his arms on either side of her, gripping the railing so that he had her trapped. Maeve hadn’t realized how tall he was, and she leaned her head back to look into his eyes. “Now,” he said, his voice low and rough, “where were we?”
    He pressed in. His presence filled the remaining space between them, weighing against her. She looked helplessly up at him, the low level of desire which had been running through her all night ramped up by his attention. “You were going to kiss me,” she said.
    “Oh, was I now?” he rasped. His lips hovered above her own, but instead of breaching that final tiny little bit of space, he moved his head to the side, brushing the tip of his nose against her cheek as he inhaled her. “You sound sure about that.”
    “You want to kiss me,” she breathed, her heart pounding. Maeve slid her hands up along his abdomen and chest, feeling the cut and lean body beneath the soft fabric of the t-shirt. Desire pulsed through her, and she willed him silently to touch her, to kiss her, to ravage her here on the bar.
    Jack kept moving, his motions slow. His breath caressed her cheek, his lips so close to her skin it ached. “I don’t know if I want to now,” he said against her flesh, close to her ear. When he did touch her, it was with the very tip of his tongue on her earlobe. As he traced the outside of her ear delicately and deliberately with his tongue, Maeve shuddered in pleasure. Want and need rolled through her. She grabbed his shirt, bunching it in her tiny fists and pulled him closer to her. As their bodies touched, the electricity of lust and attraction crackled between them. He was already hard; his erection pressed against her lower abdomen, almost right over her sex. “Maybe I’ll just leave you like this,” he whispered near her ear. “Leave you wanting me.”

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