Saturday, October 17, 2015

I'm in Ur Internets Taking Over Ur Bookz!

I participated in my first take over event thanks to Bryce today! It was actually kinda fun, although my hands were shaking the whole time. Yes, I know people can't see me on the computer. Doesn't matter! I could have... banged my head against the keyboard or something? I don't know... it was still nervous! But fun.

I'm not sure if it will result in sales, but that doesn't matter cause I want to support Bryce in his works. He has a different style than mine, but his stuff is so easy to read, and really smooth. Like Rico Suave smooth. I hope the new book does well. I read it and OMFG OLD ONES. Heart you forever for that, Bryce!

This all goes under self-promotion, which I'm bad at. It's like still in my head that I shouldn't brag or something. Well... maybe I should! I mean I've read some bad erotica. Really, really bad erotica. I won't say mine is like the super bestest omfg specialist ever, it's alright. I enjoy it. Most words are spelled correctly, and there's like grammar and shit all up in there. Yet, for some reason, it's still hard to choke the words out of my fingers to say, "HEY! Buy my books! You'll like them!"

Bryce also made a Delilah teaser for me earlier, which I was able to use. :) This is it here, if I didn't post it before:

Pretty nice, right? Simple, but nice. Sexy bit of text with the background and logo...pretty nice?

I decided to try my hand at making teasers! And the one I came up with looks like a Nazi propaganda poster. Well, to be fair, it started out as one. I somehow missed the point of the "sexy" teaser.

Personally, I like it. Maybe that says something about me. And yeah, Nazis in the next Villainess, because even as Regulus here says, "Who doesn't love to beat up Nazis?" Did I Godwin myself already? I guess we'll see. Anyway, this teaser like totally sums up the character of Regulus for me, though it's not sexy. It's dark. And twisted. And... yeah, so I might have missed the point a bit.

I"ll keep trying.


  1. Ha ha, it was fun! I was super nervous the first time I ever did a takeover too. Put a hot sexy chick in a nazi uniform on your teaser? So wrong but... so hot.

    1. That will come later. *nods* Nebel Siren. Or maybe Nacht Siren. I'm still waffling on names.