Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rock Hardin: Agent of A.S.S. Operation: Deep Nine is Live on Amazon!

I'm a bit late in announcing it here on the blog because it was my anniversary weekend too. Yes, I got married on Halloween. Plus, with all the hours I was working lately, I was pretty beat. But yes, Rock Hardin: Agent of A.S.S. Operation: Deep Nine is now live!

Jotham, so excited by the sexy spy series, has made like nine covers for it already. Nine. This is a tough series for me to write, so I will poke at them slowly and when they are done, they will be done... but I can't waste nine of his covers! They are some damn awesome covers. Just takes me longer to write the stories to go with them.

Now that this book is done, after a month, I am switching gears to work on The Prince of Cups, the sequel to The Queen of Swords. Although sexual, this series is not so sex intensive. It's... well, it's plot based. Super villainy. There are, and always will be, sexy times IN it, but it's... not the point? I mean, I hope people enjoy the sexy times, but the series is always going to be plot and characterization first, sexy times second. I'm already 26K into it, and I'm guessing I'm about halfway through. It's hard to say; the plot keeps growing!

Here's the cover for Deep Nine. Jotham is the best at making them!!

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