Monday, December 28, 2015

Hump on Inn LIVE on Amazon!

The next book in the "Witches of Back End" series Hump on Inn is LIVE on Amazon! Instead of having a single lead character, I'm choosing to have several leads with this one, no more than three or four at the most. It gives me a little bit of variety in the same series without deviating from the storyline, which is being given in bits and pieces. There's definitely something afoot in the sleepy town of Back End! We'll find out bit by bit.

I'm not sure how long this series will end up being. It does have a definite end. It may only be five or six books... or it may be a dozen. It just depends on how long I take to get to it!

Anyway, in this book we center on Selena, who we saw in Knob Jobs and Broomsticks. She's the owner and operator of the Beltane, the local bed and breakfast in Back End which just happens to be situated on the beginning of a ley line of lust. When the protective wards go down around it and faerie folk start having their wicked way with guests of the inn, can Selena use her witchy wiles to stop them?

It was a fun write, and a good palette cleanser after The Prince of Cups. That was dark. Dark, dark, dark. Now we go to another dark series: Delilah. But, for now, enjoy the light hearted romp!

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