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Prince of Cups Release Event News Report

Yes, I get Dark Phoenix, eater of
asparagus people.
Well.... not really news, but sorta? I guess as much news as this blog gets.

The Prince of Cups is out! (PS--go buy it!) I think the event went pretty well. Seven other authors came to help with takeovers, and they were all pretty nice. One was Bryce, of course, who is my writer BFF, but I'd consider a few of the others as friends too, or at least getting to be.

"Bloom" = Poison Ivy. DO YOU
One thing that I want to give a shout out right now is to Kim, who is my biggest supporter. If you were there at the event, you saw her all gung ho not just on my posts, but on other authors as well. That was really awesome of her. And when I make a street team (which will be SOON, Jebus, I have to get organized!), she'll be like the dictatoress. I'll just give her shit to read and let her go. XD

I also want to give a big shout out to Bryce, who poked and prodded me into doing it. Without his prodding, it wouldn't have happened, and I wouldn't have had my biggest sales day ever. Which was seven books. Two of which were Operation: Thrustmaster, so I'm still WTFing over that since I haven't advertised it in months, save for the Cyber Monday sale I had.

The Black Queen may not be as well known as the
White Queen, but she's sexier IMO. Plus, she eats people.
And is telekinetic. And was worshipped as a goddess in
Nova Roma. Selene just kicks ass.
So, in doing this event, I had decided I was going to make "welcome" images for each of the authors (including myself) and each one would be a villainess, in keeping with the theme! Since I'm a comic book geek, and Villainess draws heavily from comic culture, I went with Marvel and DC villainesses. The pics I made are scattered through out the post here, so it's not just a big block of fucking text.

Cathy Jackson started off the event, and I was real excited... everyone's energy was up, and it was like really fun! And then she kept doing giveaways and I was like, "But I wanna know about your book...." She got Poison Ivy cause her book series was named "Bloom"... get it? Poison Ivy? Bloom?Anyway, the giveaways are nice, but I honestly just didn't know anything about her writing at all, so I was a bit disappointed to leave still not knowing about it.

Hey, she takes on the Green Lantern, so... you know.
JC Winchester came next, and I think all of our energy died down after the first OMG EVENT push, so I'm thinking the first spot in an event is a really important one. If they weren't so early and if I didn't have to always work overnights, I would try to get a first spot. I gave him Selene, the Black Queen, and then had the amusement of explaining to Bryce who Selene was, telling him she was in the Hellfire Club with the White Queen in days gone by, and he thought the White Queen was just an Alice in Wonderland reference. So noted not to take anyone's knowledge of things for granted!

I could have found a "sexier" picture of Catwoman,
but I liked this one.
I thought JC's section went pretty well. It was during this time that Sakura messaged me saying she was going to be about ten minutes late. Well... that derped me for a second until I thought of Bryce's live writing event, so I thought I'd blather on for ten minutes while Sakura picked up her partner and got home. I gave her Star Sapphire, and was disappointed she didn't know who she was! But she liked the picture, and I think she'd like Star Sapphire too. Plus, she wrote some kinky sci-fi space opera erotica that I really enjoyed, so a space villainess made sense to me.

I think at this point people were getting into the groove of the takeover, even some of us (myself included) are still inexperienced at it. The day of the event I had a work meeting at 9 AM to go to, which lasted an hour and a half. That gave me an hour and half after I got home to prepare, no big, right? Well, I forgot to write my introductions for people, so the ten minutes before the event started I was researching the authors like MAD trying to get something together. The first hour was spent getting the rest of their introductions written, and trying to keep up with people's postings. Whether people noticed that I liked every comment and posted on nearly every post an author posted or not, I felt it was polite and right to do so.

Anyway, with Sakura I was glad BJ was there to help support her too. And she mentioned the review I gave her as a Naughty Book Snitch, which was cool as that highlighted both of us. And lol, I guess people trust my opinion? XD I hope so! If not, well, fuck 'em.

After Sakura was Reed James, who's a big sweetheart. He's written a billion books. I'm serious! If you count them all, and know his pen names, he's written a billion of them. He has to be the fastest writer I know, and I'm not a slow writer. From what I gathered, he's been doing this for a couple years, so he's an old hat at publishing. I haven't seen too much promotion on Facebook yet, but I could have been missing it too. He also does his own covers. Reed pulled out a fantastic idea of making a quiz based on his own books, which I thought was brilliant. It encourages people to check his books out.

After Reed was Mary, who like Cathy, was a practical stranger for me. From what I've seen she's a romance author, or erotic romance author. Still not quite sure. And the reason I'm not quite sure is because this was where my not-much-sleep-early-rising self was starting to get loopy. I'm really sorry about that, but looking at the posts, I don't think I embarrassed myself too much.

After Mary was Yolanda Olson. Now I peg Yolanda as a horror writer, but she writes erotic horror. She's got an event coming up that's an erotic horror "motorcycle club" book... and I'm wtfing on how that's going to be done. However, looking at the shit I've written--ghouls, I mean, really me? Ghouls? With romance? And sexy times?--I can't really say anything. I still think of her as a horror writer, after having read Hollow. I wasn't impressed with the plot, because it was a bit disjointed, but the mood was fucking dark and creepy and sad as hell, and that part I loved. Once I get through my pile of TBR books (which keeps growing), I have to pick up another of hers to check it out more thoroughly.

Anyway, I would consider her a friend just because we do have so much in common. Like seriously, this serial killer party idea is a great one. I would totally go. Yolanda's another "old hat" at the events, and she surprised me by saying she just kinda goes with the flow and doesn't have anything necessarily preplanned out! I was surprised because it seemed like she went pretty well, and it was all professional like. Her people also came out to support her, and you could really see the different having a set of people who enjoy your books supporting you vocally looks like. Her fan group, Arsenic & Lace, is pretty active and it shows that you don't have to have an alliteration name for a fan group name. Yes, that's what I'm still stuck on myself. I know it's dumb.

One of the things she did which made me go "AWWW" was that she gave away one of MY books, which was like, "Aw, damn girl!" When I asked her about it, she said she felt it was the polite thing to do, and that it was the least she could do. That was awesome of her. Really nice.

Last, before me, was Bryce. He got Harley since he's got a thing for her. :P That's when Yolanda said she was jellies, heh. As always, he was smooth, and he went over his Octogirl series since that's my favorite of his (and it is). Bryce was there on and off during the event. He would have been there more, but he was sick, which is perfectly understandable. I'm still waiting for his review of Prince, but there's no rush. I think that might be my downfall for self-promotion. "Oh, yes, it would be lovely if you bought my stuff, but no rush." He's one of my biggest supporters, and I am saving the message he sent me when he got his ARC of Prince: "holy fucking shitballs. I guess it's my turn to be jealous of you." Reviews are good, sales are good, but man... that compliment was awesome. XD

Then, my turn. Alex and Mindy, two of my other biggest supporters, made sure to show up at this time. I chat with Alex off and on at work, as he's in Australia so we share the same schedule. XD Mindy is Mindy Book Snitch, she of the funny and awesome reviews. I feel really lucky to have people support me like that, and not just them, but everyone mentioned. One thing I can say I've observed about the indie author community is that for the most part, people are really supportive of each other. Sometimes to the point of mutual masturbation, but still. Supportive.

I like that. I think it's a good environment to foster creativity, so long as criticism keeps its place. The day you get yelled at for being critical is the day that growth dies. That's one thing I do get scared of sometimes, because I have an acid tongue especially when it comes to concrit (constructive criticism). I am trying to be nicer about it, but still critical. I don't give out five stars unless I really and truly think the author deserves it. I don't do one stars that often either.

However, when it comes to promotion? Yeah, you want people who are going to rave and gush over your stuff, who will say positive things. And those who bring criticism to an event? No. Big ass no. That's just shooting yourself in the foot, and it's a dick thing to do. So even though I haven't read Cathy's or Mary's or JC's stuff, I still put a positive spin on what I DID know of them, to try and help people get excited!

Overall observations was that it went well, but I should have done some more prep. I think some authors were much better at presenting themselves than others. I also think that while games and shit are fun, when you're selling a book... sell the fucking book. I always put a giveaway attached to the "name your favorite villain" game, try to get people to Like my page, and interact with them as well. I think those things are the whole point. You're there to get people to like your shit, to sell your books, and to interact with people and make them fans.

I think I've covered all of this to infinity and beyond, so I'm out for now.

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