Sunday, December 13, 2015

Villainess #2: The Prince of Cups is LIVE on Amazon!

I was so busy running the event for its opening that I forgot to post here that it was live! Yes, Villainess #2: The Prince of Cups is LIVE on Amazon. Now that I'm calming down from meeting the deadline, I'm going through and actually reading it and being kind of amazed that it came out so smoothly. I don't know if other authors have that sensation? Of course, now that I'm not trying to be critical, I see things I want to change as I'm reading, heh. I just make note of it, and move on.

The cover is beautiful. It's not as nice as the Queen of Swords one, but it's in the same style. It may change slightly, as I'm not quite 100% satisfied with it. I think it's alright though, and I'm still proud to say that my illustrator makes the best covers ever.

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