Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Delilah Devilshot #2: The Brothels of Brimstone is LIVE on Amazon!

I know, I know, I'm behind. But that's ok, because it just gives me a chance after the big push to talk about a book I loved writing!

This series (well, this one and Villainess) are really close to my heart. I know in order to make money from erotica, I should write in the "Golden 12" and do contemporary, or MC, or billionaire or something else that's just... yawn-worthy for me. I know there are others out there who think the same as I do. I like smut. I like reading stories about people getting it on in interesting ways. It's not just the sex, but the whole story that I enjoy. When I first discovered erotica, it was the Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice. I read them now? Yeah, not good. But then, it blew my mind to have people in a fantasy setting having so much sex.

Like I said, reading it now I think, "Oh wow, that was terrible" because the whole world didn't make sense. So, it's my goal to write hot stuff in an interesting world... and have the world make sense. I want to put the sex in the book in such a way that it's essential to the plot, yet the plot can still make sense without it. I want the world to be internally consistent.

The Brothels of Brimstone is the next step in this. I've introduced a couple of new major characters (one of which we'll see next book too!), and started the world building. Now, we don't quite know why the world is all magicy and whatnot, but it's something that people take for granted. It is infested with magic because it is. Maybe I may explore why at some point, but for right now... it works. I worked really hard to make these characters complex, and I have to say that writing Delilah's guilt for doing something she needs to do was a lot of fun. I felt sorry for her at some points, and envious of her in others.

Lastly, I really love my main character. We don't see enough strong women, not even in a genre written BY women FOR women. While Delilah may have a lot of sex, want it and beg for it, and be submissive now and again... it's because she CHOOSES to. She chose this life, and even though she knows she'll do some bad, bad things, she's not sure she would choose differently had she the option to do so. She's strong in a different way than Caprice. Caprice is strong because she's the stereotypical sociopath killer which is usually reserved for men. In Caprice's case, she simply doesn't have the softness people associate with being... well, human. In some ways, she's not, really. She's incomplete. Again, this is a role usually reserved for men, so in this case having a woman play the role really highlights how "different" she is.

For Delilah? All of her rage comes from a grief born of love. She feels too much, too deeply, so much so she sold her soul to get vengeance for her loved ones. Her power, her strength, is born of what some may consider "womanly" emotions: caring, love, empathy, and so on. Even she thinks her strength comes from rage, but it doesn't. It comes from love. Just in a really really angry way.

The second in the series is out now, so check it out! I'm off to write Manhandled by the Messiah, and then either Reamin' Demons or The Princess of Wands.

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