Saturday, February 13, 2016

Manhandled by the Messiah is LIVE on Amazon!

The next Janus Key Chronicle, Manhandled by the Messiah, is LIVE on Amazon! This is, of course, a Dirk adventure and he gets to meet Jesus of Nazareth!

Wait, why are you guys leaving?

Kidding... but not. I had to stop a few times and facepalm, shaking my head. It is satirical, of course, and I tried to make it as funny as possible so people know I wasn't serious. It's a pulp adventure erotica... of course it's not serious. And Dirk had to get healed after being cursed by Poseidon, so who is a better healer than Jesus?

After announcing this, Bryce linked me up to some Fuck Off, Jesus! memes, which were truly hilarious. I'm including that link here, because... yeah. :)

Anyway! This is actually a key book in the series as Jesus FINALLY lays it out for Dirk how this whole thing is working, why Janus has so much power, and what exactly happened. If you want to find out, then have a look! Plus, the cover, as always, is beautiful. Jotham did a great job. And yes, Dirk is black in this one. So is Jesus. It's just the skin tone of the time and place.

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