Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chuck Tingle is Seriously My Hero

So...for those who don't know, Chuck Tingle, the author of Space Raptor Butt Invasion, has been nominated for a Hugo award for that very same story. A couple authors I know are taking it as a sign of the Apocalypse. Those who have been following the Hugos, like myself, know that it's being weighted by a group of people unhappy with how the nominations are done and votes are tallied.

Me? I think it's fucking awesome! Not only is it getting Chuck the attention he deserves... seriously, his books are awesome because they are SO ludicrous, SO out there. I'm 99% sure they're satire (though I did see a AMA on Reddit by Jon, Chuck Tingle's son, but that could have been a clever ruse), or just someone blowing off silly steam. Why not write about hot chocolate milk cowboys ravaging a green horn? I think I shall do a series of Naughty Book Snitch reviews honoring Chuck and his nomination. I'm behind on other things, but this is big news!

Where was I? Oh yes, attention he deserves--Chuck's SRBI went from 140K in rank to 9.9K in rank in the span of 12 hours--but it's giving erotica a new light and attention as well. Honestly, I think there are some other erotica authors out there who deserve nominations for writing. The shit you see on Facebook is all a popularity contest. Maybe next year I'll organize a "Best Of" or something, and do shit right... get a committee of people to READ the fucking things and then decide. It shouldn't be a popularity contest like the bajillion "Best of" contests on Facebook for independent authors, and you shouldn't be able to stuff the ballot box of awards (like the Hugo, which is being done), or have awards that are "due" to people (like the Oscars).When you win something, it should be because you deserved it.

I don't know. I don't think that many people trust my taste for prose. I'm a weird reader, but I read everything. The stuff I prefer is pretty damn dark though. And some of the things I write are really fucking dark, as a recent review reminded me. It might be fun. Not that anyone would care, but it might be fun.

*waves a hand* Doesn't matter though! I'm very happy to congratulate Mr. Tingle. He's my fucking hero. How many people can say they are a Hugo Nominated author? I certainly can't!

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