Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Reamin' Demons is LIVE on Amazon!

Hidey ho, folks!

The Janus Key Chronicles #10: Debbie Gudgeon and the Reamin' Demons is LIVE on Amazon! Somehow, this one got adult filtered. I suspect it's for the word 'reamin'', but oh well. I'm not changing the name... the people who like the series will find it, and those who know how to search for erotica will find it. It's not quite what I expected out of the book, but I enjoyed writing it very much. Probably the first of the JKC to have a sex scene in every chapter.

I've also decided that the JKC will probably end at around book 20 (maybe 21, depends on how it goes). I love the JKC, and while it's fun to write, it has a definite end now, at least in my head. I shan't push things any further than they need to. I know what story needs to be told, and 20 is a good size for a serial. I should write them more religiously to have them out every other week or so, but I have so many series that I need to keep up on. I am going to try to finish, or be close to finishing, the series this year though. It just depends on where my muse takes me.

In the meantime, have a look at this gorgeous cover art Jotham made! He does the best work, I think. It captures the essence of the book and the cheesy nature of it so well.

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