Friday, August 26, 2016

Unusual Suspects #1: The Razor's Edge is LIVE on Amazon!

Well, technically, it was already live on Amazon... published in the back of The Princess of Wands. However, I felt it deserved its own anthology series. It'll be a good sort of cheap introduction for the Villainess world and allow me to expand to places Caprice will never see, like the heroes' side of things, or maybe what it was like back in Axis. I'm still not sure if these will be told exclusively in first person, but I'm betting so. I leave that option open. Hence, this is the first of the "Unusual Suspects" anthology splinter series from Villainess, The Razor's Edge.

This one is Nosferatu/Michael's story from the back of The Princess of Wands. It was originally written for an anthology series which fell through, but I think it has enough strength to stand by itself. It's priced cheaply (as all of them will be) at 99 cents, so grab your copy today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Brief Haitus was Brief... and the Writing Forecast

Yes, I did take a hiatus. However, by the time I posted about the hiatus, I was almost done with it. Not that I knew it at the time!

Although I keep plugging away on this romance--which I keep trying to make more deep and meaningful rather than "just" a romance; goes to show you that even something that's supposed to be mostly light and fluffy can be deeper--I had the thought to write some short stories based in the Villainess world. I think I'll go through with that thought. Why? Well, I love short stories. If I push, I can get them out quickly and still keep producing longer books at the same time. Second, I think there's a lot that's left out of Caprice's point of view and it may be interesting to see some slice of life vignettes for the other characters in the series. Three, I got a great name for the series. And my illustrator gave me another one for another potential series.

I have to stop and wrap some stuff up though! I simply have to! To this end, I have a writing forecast for y'all which may or may not be completed in order.

  • The Razor's Edge -- It's actually already done, as those of you who read the Princess of Wands know. I think it's enough to stand on its own as a short slice-of-life story set in that world. 
  • The next Witches of Back End book. I have decided to cut this series at six books total, and no more. The next one is titled "Boned in the Dark". Have started working on it, and it won't take long to finish... so I would expect this one out in the first two weeks of September.
  • This romance which is taking me forever to finish. It might be a novella instead of a novel. It's sitting at around 20K right now, and it's for another pen, but it is taking time away from the Alana pen name, so I thought it was worth mentioning.
  • An as-of-yet untitled one for this side Villainess series which centers around the Nacht Sirene, Rebekah. She's got a fun voice and it'll go fast one I concentrate on it.
  • The Knight of Disks. I've already gotten many thousand words into this. I have other projects I want to finish first, though, so it's been sort of a back burner. 
  • Silver for Souls, Delilah Devilshot #4. This one has been bugging me to start it and I keep telling it, "I just finished a Delilah book, fuck off for a month or so." But it's not fucking off. Since I have the cover for it already, when it's done, it'll be published. I am trying not to start it, but the story keeps telling itself to me.
  • Although I have like ten covers for Rock Hardin's series, I'm not sure if I can write ten of his books. However, the next one, Operation: Hot Flow, has a plot and I'll be starting on that soon.
  • For Halloween, I'm going to be doing a compilation of several different "monster" stories into a Halloween collection. I had planned on doing that last year, but didn't get around to it. It'll be a compilation of different series to give readers a taste of the different worlds I've made. This is why I want to get The Razor's Edge out (and soon!) since it'll be a good addition if I should decide to add it. I won't do compilations like this often since I would much rather put out NEW stuff, but oftentimes bundle buyers and single story buyers are different and I would very much like to reach out to people with different series that AREN'T bundled yet and try to capture their attention. 
So that's a lot on my plate. If I do a bundle for the Unusual Suspects, I think it'll probably be in a bundle of five or something. Not sure yet. I can see a LOT of stories coming from that though. First person is generally easy for me to write in since it doesn't have to be grammatically perfect all the time. 

Another thing I was thinking was doing a hard(er) core mind control series for Smashwords exclusively. Wonder how that would go over?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NSFW is Live on Amazon!

Really... REALLY late, but NSFW, #4 in the Wantonly Wicked anthology series, is LIVE on Amazon! This is a strange story because I wrote it originally as horror, mild horror, but horror nevertheless. It really needed the erotic boost since that is what the main story was about. So, this is actually a recycled story, completely revamped and re-edited so it barely resembles the original anymore. I think the cover is just perfect... and it was also a really good seller for a little while, so I think the big, bold NSFW letters did their job!

Brief Hiatus

Ha! Fooled you! I'm already on a brief hiatus!

For those of you who follow this blog, you may already know I've been plagued with some self-doubt and whatnot lately, but that's not the reason for my tardiness in posting. First, I've never been awesome about posting here on time anyway, and it's all pretty random, or when I have something out.

Two, I shall be posting a "I have a book out!" post here soon, but I was behind and it was actually out over a week ago. This is because of...

Three, I'm working on a book for another pen name right now. It's going slowly. Very. Slowly. I had expected to have it done, or at least close to done, but it's not and I have to get something published on this alternate pen name. Why not just publish on Alana's pen name here? Because it's romance. While some themes of some of "Alana's" books may be romantic, that's not what "Alana" is about. This other one, which I'm not comfortable to reveal yet, is where I'm trying something new and, dare I say, selling out a little? Perhaps a touch. Mostly, though, it's where I'm learning how to make covers instead of hiring Jotham to do them and they're not great. Not bad, but not great.

Summer's usually busy for me, work wise in my day job, anyway. I will have something read to go by the end of the month... I think probably the next Witches of Back End short. I'm also working on a project with Bryce and that's taking some time away as well, since I have to read a lot for it.

I have not forgotten you or the blog! I'm just dividing my attention between other projects at the moment.