Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Brief Hiatus

Ha! Fooled you! I'm already on a brief hiatus!

For those of you who follow this blog, you may already know I've been plagued with some self-doubt and whatnot lately, but that's not the reason for my tardiness in posting. First, I've never been awesome about posting here on time anyway, and it's all pretty random, or when I have something out.

Two, I shall be posting a "I have a book out!" post here soon, but I was behind and it was actually out over a week ago. This is because of...

Three, I'm working on a book for another pen name right now. It's going slowly. Very. Slowly. I had expected to have it done, or at least close to done, but it's not and I have to get something published on this alternate pen name. Why not just publish on Alana's pen name here? Because it's romance. While some themes of some of "Alana's" books may be romantic, that's not what "Alana" is about. This other one, which I'm not comfortable to reveal yet, is where I'm trying something new and, dare I say, selling out a little? Perhaps a touch. Mostly, though, it's where I'm learning how to make covers instead of hiring Jotham to do them and they're not great. Not bad, but not great.

Summer's usually busy for me, work wise in my day job, anyway. I will have something read to go by the end of the month... I think probably the next Witches of Back End short. I'm also working on a project with Bryce and that's taking some time away as well, since I have to read a lot for it.

I have not forgotten you or the blog! I'm just dividing my attention between other projects at the moment.

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