Friday, August 26, 2016

Unusual Suspects #1: The Razor's Edge is LIVE on Amazon!

Well, technically, it was already live on Amazon... published in the back of The Princess of Wands. However, I felt it deserved its own anthology series. It'll be a good sort of cheap introduction for the Villainess world and allow me to expand to places Caprice will never see, like the heroes' side of things, or maybe what it was like back in Axis. I'm still not sure if these will be told exclusively in first person, but I'm betting so. I leave that option open. Hence, this is the first of the "Unusual Suspects" anthology splinter series from Villainess, The Razor's Edge.

This one is Nosferatu/Michael's story from the back of The Princess of Wands. It was originally written for an anthology series which fell through, but I think it has enough strength to stand by itself. It's priced cheaply (as all of them will be) at 99 cents, so grab your copy today!

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