Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More Things to Run? Perish the... Oh, Alright

I don't post here often, as those of you who follow this blog know. I have a full time job times two... 'cause yeah, writing is sort of full time. I'm not getting paid full time hours (yet) for it, but I still spend a good portion of the week doing so. Maybe it's only 30 hours. It's not like I'm keeping track.

So you know that when I update my blog, it's usually cause I have a new release that I forgot to announce (again) and then another follow up post to chit-chat about what's on my mind and other news. In other news, I finally started a mailing list. I'm going to try to hit that up about once a month towards the end of one month/beginning of the next. In it, I'm going to list all the new releases that I've done (and I do strive for at least one a month), with the writing forecast, andomSother such news such as audio or print releases.

I made a banner for it. Jotham made one for me, but I didn't like it. >.> Don't tell him I said that though.

Sometimes, simple is better.

I encourage people who haven't signed up for it yet to do so. I'm terrible about keeping the blog up to date, and I really would like to concentrate on my thoughts on writing and this sort of weird journey. I may still post announcements here, but I am going to try to announce new items, new releases, and other such news for the mailing list and leave this for thoughts and prose and excerpts (although I may add in excerpts to the mailing list. I haven't quite decided yet how I'm formatting it). For those of you who have signed up, I'd expect a newsletter probably this week. Maybe the beginning of next.

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