Monday, December 19, 2016

Advertising Experiment, Update Two

It's taken me a long time to come back with some things which may be useful, but I'm back now!

During the first update, I kind of went over the stats and what the abbreviations meant. I did end that first campaign, and started a second a little while later. It's gotten better results the second time around. I DID change the wording on the ad a little. Here's a screen shot:

As you can see here, the "Queen 2" (second campaign) has gotten less impressions, but more clicks per impressions, resulting in two sales. I did change the wording slightly, as I mentioned above, but it wasn't anything major, simply trying to get as much information in the ad while trying to make it interesting. If you think writing blurbs is hard, writing a compelling ad is MUCH harder.

Honestly, I think what the difference is is timing. I started the first one in May, the second one in November, before black Friday. People weren't shopping for books over the summer... but NOW that they're shopping for Christmas? Yeah. I'm letting it run to the end of January (at least), but I'm feeling hopeful about it. I may not get many more sales, but it's showing you that people NOW are more willing to buy than they were in the summer.

One other note, I saw on Facebook the other day that an erotica author wanted to advertise on Amazon. I've gotta tell you guys: they don't advertise erotica. Queen is sci-fi/dark fantasy. There's a lot of erotic components to it, but you can take those out and still have a story. As the series has progressed, there's less and less sex in it (though there always will be some, no matter what) because the story and characterization has taken priority. So, if you have a book that's NON erotica, it may be worthwhile. If it's like Queen and has a lot of sexy parts IN it, but is a story still without the sex, get it classified in whatever category (sci-fi, romance, mystery, thriller, whatever) it would be without the sex, and advertise that... then you can also use that as a "gateway" book to your other erotica.

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