Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Narrating a Book?

As you all know, I have many audio books made of my shorts (and not so shorts). For all of these, I've used ACX to hire a producer (the narrator) to produce the book for a royalty share of every copy sold. It's a pretty nice deal, free money, quite honestly since most of my part is done and I just have to wrangle a new type of cover from Jotham. I mentioned a while back to my husband that it sounded fun to do that, to narrate a book. Much to my surprise, over Christmas, he bought me the very basics of what I would need to actually DO that: a good microphone, a pop stopper (for the layman, which was me up until a couple months ago, is that thing that looks like a spit guard for the microphone--it stops excessive popping sounds from translating through on the mic), and an arm to help position the mic.

I have successfully recorded my first audio book doing that! It's my own simply because 1) ACX has it set up so that you are either a narrator OR a producer. You cannot be both. That sort of boggles me. What if I am an author who wants to narrate a friend's book, or a stranger's, or anyone else's NOT my own? 2) It was Last Night, which never sold well anyway. Horror + erotica doesn't sell well. There may be some exceptions, but... putting actual horror in with sexy times appears to be a boner killer. 3) I wouldn't want to mess up anyone else's book until I've had some practice.

Now, I still need to adjust the audio volume--I've had to re-up my knowledge on sound mixing, which was foggy at best even when I knew what I was doing--but I heard from ACX and that was the only error. They didn't say, "God damn, you suck!" or "Jesus Christ, leave it to the professionals!" or anything like that. Just a rather nice, "One of your files doesn't meet the -60dbz threshold." Oh, whoops. It should be an easy fix.

I'll update y'all when I have more information.

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