Friday, May 5, 2017

Blogging for Fun and Not Profit

I think I'm going to stop advertising new releases here. I do have a mailing list, so if people want to keep updated, they can join that. I keep forgetting to post new releases here anyway in the blur of activity which covers a release. I may still show some cover art though, cause I think Jotham does a really good job.

So, what then to put here, Alana? Information and thoughts, mostly, relating to this whacky publishing biz. I've been super busy at work lately and in real life, so I haven't had too many like... revelations? Hints? Tips? Tricks? Something like that. Perhaps when things calm a bit I can offer some more information or amusing stories. As it is, right now I'm busy working on three or four different stories. It's sometimes hard to lock down one, as you guys may have read in previous blog posts. Not only that, but sometimes writing has to take the back seat as things go on. Life goes on. However, since I started this journey, I've only missed one month where I haven't published anything, and that's quite an accomplishment!

For now, I'm going through and editing #3 of Unusual Suspects, this one centering around Adira. That's a side series anyway, not super important... but it's something I love doing. Why else write if you're not writing what you love? I'm also writing another... subset of Unusual Suspects called Mindcrime. That one will be a Smashwords (and whatever affliates will take it) specific side series centering around Gerard. It will feature heavy mind control and dubcon, which is just not allowed on Amazon. I'm about three fourths of the way done with that, I think. In addition to that, I've started Queen of Disks in earnest now, so that's three stories in the Villainess universe.

Otherwise, I'm working on two shorts for the Janus Key Chronicles. I plan on finishing that series by about book 21. I've also written some stuff for the next Delilah Devilshot: The Hounds of Hades. As you can tell, I've been bouncing around a lot. Not really super for focusing, but at least I'm writing.