Thursday, June 22, 2017

Deadline? What is This Thing Called a Deadline?

I'm out of clever and/or witty titles for blog posts.

It's been a while, but I have been busy! I'm going to poke Jotham shortly to get me the cover to the next Unusual Suspects since it's done and has been sitting in my word processor gathering virtual dust. I didn't notice how time slipped away from me as "real life" work has been busy and I've been writing quite a bit on the next Villainess, The Queen of Disks. As always, I think everything is terrible and horrible, but usually upon rereads I'm surprised at how cohesive I sound. It's an odd thing.

However, the biggest news right now is that I will be in a new anthology of short stories here soon called "Twist Me". I'm not super fond of the name, but oh well. Yolanda Olson put it together and asked me to join, which I was pretty honored. The proceeds for it go to the ASPCA, and that's a cause I believe in because animals are awesome. Hence, when it comes out, be prepared for a lot of pimping of that because, well, animals are pretty awesome.

I think it's cool being invited into an anthology. That happened before with Sex & Sorcery 3, except I got paid there. Which was pretty awesome. It should help reach a broader audience. I mean, I write smutty sex and weird sci-fi and about villains and the weird west... I write a lot of stuff, but some of it has a pretty small audience. This was a nice change of pace since this story is straight up thriller/horror. It was nice flexing my writing skills there.

I also have to brag just a wee bit. The person editing it said it was her favorite of the stories. :P

With this collaboration of stories, it got me to thinking about the collaboration Bryce and I were going to do, sort of an erotic League of Extraordinary Gentlemen thing. We had a plan, a decent plot, some things sketched out, and I even wrote the whole prologue in that old timey kind of Victorian style (except more coherent), but then we both got busy. I think it might be time to poke him about it again.

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