Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dominating Her Intern is Live!

Yes, that's right, two stories in one day! This one, Dominating Her Intern, is a bit more in the vein of a "traditional" erotica story. It's an experiment to see if I do ok with the non-fantasy, non-weird stuff. It was fun to write, and that model on the cover is just gorgeous. Just. Gorgeous. Jotham didn't do much to this one... it had the set up and stuff already with the office scene. One thing he DID do is add that graphic next to "intern", which I really like. It totally indicates exactly what the story is about.

Took a day and a half to get out of review. Fuck you, Amazon. Ruined my numbers for the 31st! Still, let's hope that the new month gets off with a bang now. :)

Knob Gobblin' Hobgoblins is Live!

Ah, Jotham's covers... heh. Yes, Knob Gobblin' Hobgoblins is live! I was afraid it would get adult filtered because it's basically saying, "DICK SUCKING FANTASY CREATURES RIGHT HERE!" but it didn't! I'm so glad to see that. :D

Cover is brilliant. AS ALWAYS.

Friday, March 27, 2015

How to Research a Niche (A Newbie's Guide)

Hey all! Since I am so fucking furious with the lazy shits here at work and I absolutely cannot get any writing done--anger is not conducive to sexy feelings--I thought I'd turn my attention to something a little more clinical: research.

Now, I don't know erotica awesomely well yet, but I do know how to research things. I have written many, many technical papers in college, and I think those techniques I used can be used and adapted for this. Let's see, shall we?

First, we're going to research "cuckolding" or the "cuckold" niche. I'm completely uninterested in this at all, so this isn't like giving away my secrets or anything. I'll learn something, you'll learn something, and hopefully we will all benefit. Back in the day, the internet wasn't something really used for research, but now we have all the information we have at our fingertips.

Now that we've decided what we are researching, what we want to do is figure out what information we need exactly. For tech papers, I would concentrate on one aspect of the subject at all, because I was basically saying, "Hey, this technique works well for this." or "Hey, if you use this on this, you get this. Here are my findings! Here's the info that backs me up!" So, I was interested in specific technical details. For writing, especially writing to evoke emotion, we want to learn what about the kink evokes what emotion. We have to get inside the head of the reader. Why is cuckolding hot? What makes it hot? What sort of people might be interested in it?

We are off to wikipedia! Wikipedia is the best thing to come of the internet, I swear to god. The basic definition, according to wikipedia, is "a husband with an adulterous wife". Ok, so it's a dude whose girl is stepping out on him. Down below, it has "cuckold as a fetish" so we'll look at that next.

To quote:
Unlike the traditional definition of the term, in fetish usage a cuckold is complicit in his (or her) partner's sexual "infidelity" and takes masochistic sexual pleasure in it. Cuckolds in the fetish sense also need not be male, and need not be married, although this is the most common pattern, and for all couples some level of pair-bonding intimacy or commitment in their relationship is necessary.[11] Among fetishists, the pose of reluctance—the victimization of the cuckold—is a major element of the paraphilia. (Which may be the reason for the use of the term "cuckold," with its connotations of victimization and inadequacy.)

Alright, so it's not just that she's cheating, but the husband is somehow complicit in it.  I think this niche could pair with voyeurism very well... think of the husband jacking it while his wife takes on a big black cock (ok, can pair with interracial well too), getting off on seeing his wife fucked. Reading the rest of the article gives us some very basic information about the fetish.

Where to from here? Well, in Google, type "cuckold fetish forum". The first one that comes up looks interesting, so clicking on that link we find ... something not useful. Hm. The second one looks... not useful. Alright, scrolling down a little bit I see something called XXXBBS, which does look promising, and I think here we're going to find what we are looking for. Except I don't. Just pics and movies.

Wow, or they are saying all these people are sick and demented, which isn't cool. From what it sounds like to me, cuckolding is basically asking your significant other to cheat while you watch or otherwise view (ie, through a video). There appears to be some too where the dominant/cheating partner (the "hotwife" if it's female for example) fucks another guy ("the bull", usually younger and buffed), but then demands the cuckold joins in. There's other fantasies where the hotwife is completely submissive and the bull is almost a caricature of unbridled male sexuality, where he just can't help but to fuck the hotwife into submission.

A couple of forum threads where I found some buried nuggets:


So, we have some conflicting, and interesting and complex, data to process. Let's Google "What makes cuckolding hot". The articles and questions I found here were very useful.


I think this gives you a good start on the research here. Just by going through and reading each of these, you'll get a good understand that this fetish is actually quite complex, and can be done for a number of reasons. One of the things mentioned either in these forums or the articles was that "it can't be done right if you don't love them". Part of that makes this fetish pretty interesting, because most fetishes aren't people orientated like that. Many fetishes are object orientated, or don't require the level of emotional attachment a cuckold does. Another article said that instead of physical anguish, like masochism, they get off on mental anguish. "My hot wife was with another man! How can I compete?" Yet others still are turned on by the idea OF competing with the bull, like you're going to fuck that other guy's sperm RIGHT OUT OF HER PUSSY GOD DAMMIT! Yet others find it hot to watch their hot wife get totally reamed by the bull. All of those, or any combination. It sounds like a fascinating study, one which deals with a lot of emotions, and one which deals with jealousy in a sex positive way... instead of getting angry or lashing out when they get jealous (for that's a component too), they use that jealousy to add fuel to their sex drive.

All of what I found was pretty amazing. And it took me 20 minutes to do it.

Now that we've found some avenues for why cuckolds like what they like and do what they do, you need to make sure you've gone the terms right. As someone on the eroticaauthors subreddit pointed out that using the wrong terms could throw someone right out of their fantasy. We've already learned some, "hotwife" "the bull" and so on. Let's see if we can find some more.

Doing a quick search for 'cuckold terms' brings me to a great site. Maybe not so many terms here, but a really good explanation of the whys and hows of cuckolding.

http://cuckoldmarriage.info/definitions/ (NSFW)

So, there you have it. Obviously, if you should choose this as your niche to write in, you should do a lot more research than my 15-20 minutes, and take the time to read the articles. This will get you started. Just remember that we're looking for why things are erotic here, and then back up that research with the proper terminology. If you possibly can, after you are done with your draft, try to find someone who is into the kink you've chosen and ask them to read it. That would be the ultimate way to find out if you understand their kink or no. Then, of course, you could ask for specific ways to improve... which leads to more research. Time spent on researching things is never wasted.

Side note: An interesting site I found for some fetishes in general is here: http://www.myotherself.com.au/articles-and-resources/

I haven't explored it at all yet, I just bookmarked it for later perusal.

Last, but not least, if you have Kindle Unlimited, borrow cuckolding books and read them. There is no faster way to learn the terms and emotions behind it that to see what other people are doing.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Imagination: The Writer's Playground

As a kid, I was making up stories about Indiana Jones and Han Solo having adventures with me. (I have a thing for Harrison Ford, OK? Who doesn't?!) They would always end with making out, cause as a kid I didn't know what the fuck sex was. I just knew I wanted to be kissed by them, desperately. And it was never just Harrison Ford... it was always Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Those movies were so compelling to me, and they fired me up.

I used to write pages upon pages of Transformers fanfiction, but I didn't know it was fanfiction. I had never heard the term. (And yes, I'm a girl in RL, but dammit, boys had all the cool toys. Screw Barbie) I would make up stories about going on adventures, and racing around in transforming cars. It was pretty bitching.

When I got to college, I got into role-playing games (haha, not sexual, sadly). Not only did I get into RPG's, but I was almost always the one running them. I would come up with a scenario and present it to my players, easily slipping into the roles of the NPC's (Non-Player Characters), each with a different voice and mannerism. I would plot out elaborate schemes for the villains (and always be sad that they lost, but c'est la vie, such is the life of a villain), and cheer when my players defeated them. And I made it hard as fuck too, because fuck handing shit to people on a plate. Who cares about that? We want conflict! Drama!

The older I got, the more into writing I got. I'd always been a writer...but when I found out about National Novel Writing Month, that was the deciding factor for me to try my hand at actually writing. I still remember my first novel. I was waaaaay too practically minded: the heroes' big idea? Running away. Why? It was the smart thing to do. I still need to go back and wrestle something decent from that train wreck. I kept on. I joined a writing site and started polishing short stories. I began to think, "Hey, maybe I shouldn't have gone to college for geology... writing seems to be my game." Ah, if only I had known back then. However, one of my favorite lines (and my best friend agrees) that I ever wrote came from that train wreck, "A California cool hung about him, like a surfer gone wrong." It evoked a specific and powerful image in me.

Now that I'm churning out story after story, these skills I learned throughout my life are being put to the test. One of the number one questions a writer is asked is "How do you come up with your stories?" My answer is always the same. I shrug and say, "I dunno. I pull them out of my ass."

However, that's not quite the truth. I have a process, and while it may be weird, it works for me. My process won't exactly work for other people, because my brain is too busy. I have to get these ideas out somewhere, because otherwise my brain will just keep filling up with ideas for stories. Stephen King talks about having an idea and putting it in a closet. He says it's a good idea if, when he checks the mental closet, it's still there. Sometimes it's just an image, or a title, or a character... but every story starts with a nugget of an idea, that first generating seed of creativity.

Well, how do you make yourself be creative? Believe it or not, it's a skill, like any other. Somewhere along the lines of all this pretending, I taught myself how to come up with ideas. Brainstorming is a very valuable activity, and it can help you in not just writing, but coming up with solutions to problems in general.

The first thing is to write down what interests you. I'm not talking about, "Oh, I like ponies, and horror movies, and cats..." but rather, when you see an image on the television, or in real life, that strikes you as evocative... write it down. When a phrase or a set of words pops out at you... write it down. If the general idea for a story comes to you, write it down. It could be anything. I've a folder on my google docs page where I create documents which have titles like, "Weird water elemental play on words wet pussy?" Like, I know there's something there with a pun or an entendre, but I'm not quite sure what it is yet. Last Night started out as "Vampire kills lover" story. That was it. Granted, it's not as explicit as 'play on words wet pussy', but I knew what I was talking about. I'd had a vision of a vampire reaming someone from behind, and she looks in the mirror... and well, read the story to find out. I wrote just enough down to make sure to trigger that again in my head.

When I went and revisited the document for Last Night, I thought, "Well, jeez, it's her last night on earth... hmm." That's where I got the title from. Then, I started thinking, "What if the vampire mentions he saw her last night... that would be a double play on the words. I saw you last night, but it's her last night... DER HUR HUR" (never said it was my strongest idea, lol). So, then, since I was aiming for a more "traditional" vampire story, I thought about Dracula and how he was outside Lucy Westerna's window, and called her out, but later she let him in. From there, it was just a matter of filling in the sex and the horror. That was my entire process.

It's most important to keep those ideas close, and let them filter through your head. You might find that, yeah, it disappears from your mental closet, but you might also find that Idea A and Idea C would work pretty well together.

The second thing is to remember: nothing is off-limits. EVER. That was the downfall of my first novel... I kept thinking about practicality, and how I would do it. Hence, they ended up running away. Not exactly action packed or even interesting. Yeah, what if your computer came alive and ate your brain? What if your cat is secretly plotting to take over the world? (Hahah, I have a story I keep meaning to write about that. "Mr. Wiggles". Heh) What if there's a werebuffalo next door? What if there's a living tongue that molests you in your sleep? ("Tyrone's Tongue". Go. Google it now.) You have to remember what it was like to be a kid and play. I fantasized about Indiana Jones... not Harrison Ford. I thought I could go on adventures too. Well, being a kid from buttfuck nowhere, yeah... not going to happen. At best, we went to the city. Ooooh. It doesn't matter what it is, how ridiculous it is... it could happen in a book. That's why we're reading them. Just look at all the entertainment people consume! Television, movies, books... we're hungry for entertainment. Those writers don't limit themselves. Take the Walking Dead for example. The comic is pretty bitching... and doesn't shy away from the hard to read things. The writers take their imaginations to some pretty fucking dark places. Michonne is repeatedly raped by the Governor, and in revenge, she basically ends up torturing him and nailing his dick to a board before cutting it off. Way fucking darker than the TV show, that's for sure. Kirkman didn't limit himself saying, "Yeah, that's too much." He just fucking went for it.

This post isn't about publishing or making something people will buy. There's tons of other places out there to find info on that. This is about letting your imagination go free, to go wherever it wants to, and seeing where it leads you.

That being said... I sometimes have trouble coming up with ideas myself. My husband has recommended the basis for all the Janus Key novels. When I whined I couldn't come up with a title, he sat down and wrote out fifty or so. "Rump Raiding Raptors" was first "Raptors Raided my Rear" ... or maybe "Raptors Ravaged my Rear". Through work with my illustrator, the title changed and evolved. However, I took that kernel of an idea he presented--just the title, nothing else--and sat down and went, "Ok, so... a world about raptors..." and brainstormed. Before I wrote down a word, I thought about how would someone get to a world like that? Are they cavemen? No, not exciting to me. Are they normal people? Yeah, I like that. Are they actual dinosaurs? No... but what if they evolved like humans? Yeah, I like that... so... how does a normal person get to the dinosaur world? MAGIC, THAT'S HOW. And so on. By the time I had finished coming up with the plot, it wrote itself.

So, take inspiration from movies and television or other books. If an idea strikes you as something you like, that evokes an emotion in you, grab it. Write it down in your idea pad. When you come back to it, try to identify what you like about it, and then what would make it an exciting twist. Don't limit yourself. I spend a ton of time every day as I go about my daily tasks just thinking about books, thinking about what I would like to write. No concrete ideas... just stuff that appeals to me, no matter how ridiculous it is. It's when you come to sit down and plot it out, outline, write, and edit that you can bring it down to something more "realistic".


So, I was reading the preview version of 1001 Erotic Nights, and getting into it thinking, 'Jeez, I did pretty good here!' It's selling pretty well, even though I priced it at $3.99 instead of $2.99. I actually did a lot of research on the actual tales themselves, and it's fairly long, so I felt that was a fair price. Anyway! As I was reading, the text noted Scheherazade had blue eyes, but later brown. Oh my god! That's fucking embarrassing. I'm on the wrong computer now to fix the text and reupload, but you better believe as soon as I can, I will. I cannot believe I missed that!

Of course, I know why I missed it... when Jotham gave me his cover, and it was gorgeous, I was like, 'That's totally her! Damn that looks awesome... but she's wearing a purple dress, not a blue one. I can change it!' So I went into the text and found the passage I was looking for... and it mentioned her blue dress matched her eyes. So I changed her eye color to the model's eye color. However, I did neglect to double check it had been mentioned previously. Hence, it was all my fault. Terribly embarrassing.

It just goes to show you that one last onceover when you make changes is not a bad thing. It's unfortunate it takes so long for the text to change, but I will have that changed tonight, and it should be live by this time (or a little later) tomorrow.

Kinks and Niches

This may be a very long post, as these are my thoughts on kinks and niches as it pertains to erotica... at least that I've found so far.

I'm a weird person. I really need to have a story in order to enjoy the sex. Oh, yeah, watching porn and watching two or three or fifteen people go at it is going to cause me to get turned on, but it's... sort of like... automatic. The brain sees sex, it wants sex, it tells the body to want sex. However, it's not like it goes dog-crazy for it. Hmm. Maybe putting it in terms of food would be better. Just seeing sex on the screen for me is like having hot dogs for dinner. Yeah, I like hot dogs, they're tasty and I won't turn them down... but it's not like having prime rib for dinner. Prime rib in this case would be my particular kinks, or what really gets me going. One of these things is context, hence, I need a story to really get into it.

One of the other things I've found is that I'm really fucking into BDSM. I'm not in the lifestyle, though I've read up on it and do have friends who are... but almost all of the stories I've written have a component of BDSM in it. I was rather surprised by how easily that flowed from me. I've never explored it in real life, nor have I in anything I've written... until now. Holy smokes. I had to stop several times when writing out scenes and take a walk to calm down because I was so excited. It didn't matter if it was femdom or maledom either, bondage, spanking, what-have-you... all of it was exciting, and I wanted to explore more of it.

I've found out that about myself, and I'm happier for it, I think. It's a good thing to know yourself, and to explore what makes you tick. Does it translate well into writing? That, I don't know.

BDSM on Amazon is one of the biggest sub-categories of erotica, especially because of the popularity of 50 Shades (which is a big piece of crap, trust me don't read it). Billionaires are also very popular, and evidently so are shapeshifters. All of these kinks are turned into niches when it comes to writing. From my research, those are popular... but they are also very saturated. How do you break into them? How do you find a niche that works for you? How do you turn your kink into something that other people will read for fun?

I think the first thing is to identify what makes you hot. If you really get into what you're writing, I think that will translate on the page. What are your fantasies? What do you dream about? If you could ask your partner to do anything to you or for you, what would it be? If it's kinky and hot to you, it'll be kinky and hot to someone else.

Ok, so taking my example of BDSM... it turns you on, now what? Start broad and work your way down. Don't water it down, but maybe be like... "Ok, I find femdom hot, so I'll write about a dominatrix!" Or vice versa. Maybe it's the bondage part that gets you, or the masochism part. Whichever part, just write about that, and put a quick story to it. It doesn't have to be much for erotica, but it should be attention grabbing. I think that's why the monster erotica does so well... it grabs your attention. "Bigfoot did WHAT to their WHAT?!WTF I have to read that!" From there, it's just trial and error. Write a story, publish, see what the results are.

One of the things I think that a newbie erotica writer should do is to vary up the kinks from book to book initially and figure out which ones felt right to them, which ones flowed easily, and (if you want to make money at this) which ones sold. For instance, your handcuffed by the femdom cop might sell ok, but the suspension story you wrote sold like hotcakes! Well, evidently, you write suspension well, so write another in that vein and see how that does. Once you find which niche you enjoy writing in, or one that does well for you, then you can concentrate in that one and branch out slowly.

I think people have a lot of kinks. I think people like different things, cause they're not always going to be into bondage or yaoi or whatever. People move on from one dream to another all the time. Their tastes change, but one thing never changes... when people find what they love, they love it with a passion. If you can put your passion down on paper, people will respond to that. They'll know that you love this kink as much as they do, and they'll keep coming back.

Of course, I just started out, so what the fuck do I know? ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

1001 Erotic Nights is now Live!

EDIT: Wow, I'm a dummy! I totally linked this up, so fucking excited... and then forgot to link it up. 1001 Erotic Nights... there you go, folks... the one or two people who have found this blog. And now, onto the rest of the post.

Wow, this one took me forever. It's actually the first one I started writing, saw how freaking long the original book was, and chipped at it while I worked on other stuff. I'm so glad to say that it's finally finished!

In the original, there are actually a ton of stories. I could not eroticise them all. There were simply too many! So I picked some of the more well known ones, put a story to it, and worked it all together. Jotham's cover on it is simply fantastic. It's my favorite one yet! Not only that, but I did price it at $3.99 since it's basically a novella of wall to wall smut... seriously, I think there's like two pages towards the end in a row that aren't smut, otherwise it's just enough to get to the next story/sex scene while keeping in flavor of the tale and that's it. I about broked my brain on all the smut! It was really nice to see an actual story emerge from it though. Even with the higher pricing, one sold right away. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Last Night is Live!

Woo! Last Night, the first of the Wantonly Wicked anthology, is now live. It's a little bit more in the traditional erotica vein, but with some horror and violence packed in there. It's actually the shortest of my stories so far because it's put together very simply. It appeals to me as a horror writer, and I think the cover, like all of Jotham's covers, is just beautiful.

Savaged by Sadistic Spirits is Live!

Yup, that's right, the fourth in the Janus Key Chronicles, Savaged by Sadistic Spirits, is live. Again, I love Jotham's covers. They're so beautiful. Criticism has come saying they don't look like erotica covers, which is fine with me. I think I need to try my hand at more traditional erotica, but... I'm having a lot of fun with this!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


First, the free promotion seems to be working pretty well. Or, at least, people are downloading it for free. :P I have gotten one sale so far today (keep in mind most of the money made so far is on borrows... so a sale is a Big Deal, this being only the third honest-to-gosh sale) which doesn't mean much, but it could have been because they found it because of Raptors since it was the single shot m/m story. The promotion is only for one day, and I think I won't see the full effects for a few days.

In the meantime, I've been going over in my head about pricing... yes, again. $2.99 seems like such a rip off for 4000 words! I do think I am going to drop Raptors price permanently to $1.99 (hey, it's 8500 words, and an introduction to the series--that's not amiss, that's actually a marketing strategy), maybe even $0.99, depending. Again, all the research I've done warns against dropping the price too much. So, instead of $0.99 like I was originally thinking for Last Night, I think that I will have it at $1.99, and skirt the boundary there. I'll get lower royalties, but I'm curious to see if it will sell at all. I didn't spend much time on it... that story slid out very smoothly, so I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off with pricing it lower than the average.

I finished the next Janus Key story (I don't remember if I posted that) and I'm waiting for the cover for that and Last Night. This will be good: I will have two stories out this week, hopefully tomorrow or Monday at the latest. I have to wait for Jotham to do his thing, and he's preoccupied with family or work or some bullshit like that. I keep telling him if he wants the extra cash to put out faster. He says he's not a prostitute. We have a great working relationship. I'ma gonna beat him some more. ;)

Jotham did come up with a series anthology title for this horrorotica though. He suggested "Wantonly Wicked" and I like it. It hasn't been used, and it covers both genres very nicely. He had to change the Last Night cover because of it, and that's why the delay... which is why I'm having time to angst over pricing again. It comes from being too honest, I guess, although I keep telling myself, "Is an orgasm worth three bucks?" Let's face it, that's what they're buying: orgasms. Or fantasies to help them orgasm.

So, back to pricing... since there are four Janus Key Chronicles soon, and there will be a fifth, now I have to look at pricing for bundling. Some common wisdom said "70% of the individual stories". Even if I bump Raptors down to $1.99, the rest are $2.99, for a total of $13.95, and 70% of that is $9.79. I think that's a bit too high, even though it will be novel length. There's no hard and fast rule for the prices of bundles, so arbitrarily, I am going to try either $4.99 or $5.99... though I'm leaning towards the higher amount. It's like "buy 2 get 3 free!" there, which are some insane deals that Safeway occasionally has on Diet Coke. It's double the price for more than double the content, and even if people buy the first one or something, and then decide to purchase the rest with the bundle...they are still getting a deal.

One thing I am definitely doing though is NOT putting the bundle in KU, at least not initially. It's a better deal to buy it as a bundle, but KU people can borrow the rest of them for free anyway... so I would rather encourage them to borrow more (and thus more money) than just borrow one. That's just business strategy.

Spring Equinox Equals Free Rump Raiding Raptors!

What's that? Didn't you know that rump raiding raptors came out during the spring? Sure they do! Butt-fucking raptor men rampage all over the springtime! It's when they can't help themselves. ... wow, I'm like writing stuff in silliness and think, "Hey, that would make a decent story..."

Anyway, the upshot here is that Rump Raiding Raptors is free today, March 21st! This just gives people an excuse to check out the writing, and hopefully garner some interest in the series. It's all on KU (Kindle Unlimited) anyway, so those in that program can check it out anytime they like. I really like that program... Netflix for books. Brilliant. Considering how much I read, it's really worthwhile.

Updates... updates... I'm thinking about linking that horrorotica short I have ready and waiting to a series. The new series wouldn't be like... the same protagonists, though it might be the same world. Actually, as I'm thinking about it, it would be in the same world. Maybe I'll bring monsters back eventually, but you know... like Stephen King's books are all connected, these all would be in the same world and connected somehow. Oh, man, this also gives to mind this RPG I wanted to do for like forever, but never had time for it, which would be a fucked up Twin Peaks-Lost-Curse of Oak Island-Weird Shit Goes On sort of deal. Maybe I can make something of that? Hmm....

Where was I? Oh yes, new series. An anthology series, like Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits (or as the husband and I call it "The Stupid Scientist Show"), where they are just stories, but stories of the same type gathered under one flag. I think... I think I'll do that. I do believe I'll call the series "Something Wicked", which there's already a series called that, but there's only one book in it, and the writer hasn't written anything for over a year. I feel pretty safe appropriating it. Plus, you know I'll be active in it. Already almost four Janus Key Chronicles? In just three weeks? Not too bad!

I'm closing in on the end of the next Janus Key Chronicle, "Savaged by Sadistic Spirits". I haven't even gotten to the spirits part yet, BUT there are two sex scenes (and a third waiting to happen) AND 10,000+ words. If things go well, I should finish it tonight, and then switch focus to another story I've been trying to work on. Busy, busy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Well, I finished another story last night. Haha... last night. Yeah, that's what it's called. It's about a vampire... well, let's back up. I found out there's a thing called "horrorotica" which combines horror and erotica, hence the name. Horror is my one, true love for writing. I adore it. I love horror movies. Blood, guts, gore, we want more! Erotica is taking over as a second job... so combining the two seems like a win-win to me.

However, I'm very sure this won't sell very well at all. Why? Well, although sex and violence share the same primal instinct, people don't like to combine the two very often. Oh sure, you see the bimbos in the horror movies bare their chests and have sex with abandon... but then get cut down by the slasher in the traditional "punishment". (There's a whole thing about that. I could seriously write about that for days because the connection is so weird but so prevalent even in modern horror movies.) But think about it... you're reading a story, jerking off, and then suddenly.... BAM! DECAPITATION! Not very sexy, is it? And not really a great fantasy unless you're into that. Usually it also depicts violence against women, and I'm very much against that. I'm actually very much against violence against people, period, but most of the time... the deaths you remember are women.

That being said, this story flew out of me. It's short, and experimental, so I think I am going to price this one low since it may appeal to horror fans and I have a thing about ripping people off. I also get so fucking tired of the romantic vampire. Vampires aren't romantic. They are fucking monsters. They seduce you and then fucking kill you. So, this is my version of that. That's not to say I won't write sexy vampires doing their thing later because the paranormal erotica is very hot right now, but in my opinion... fucking monsters. It was also disturbing how much I wanted to get through the sex to write the violence. I think because it was closer to where my interests traditionally lay.

I need to edit this story and try to smooth through some corners. This one, unlike the four erotica pieces previously, I'm editing. I hate editing... but this is actually something like I would normally write rather than banging out sex to throw up on Amazon. I keep thinking this is so different from the regular stuff... should I put it under a different pen name? No. Writers write different shit all the time, across different genres. I'm sticking to my guns here. Will it sell? I really don't think so. It's dark. Yeah, there's sex, and the sex is sexy, but it's really dark overall. I love it. Have I found the niche I want to write in? Are there readers for this? What does it say about me that I want to write about that stuff?

All these questions may take a smarter person than me to answer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trillionaire Living Spaceship Docked with my Ass!

That's right, you guys heard it... Trillionaire Living Spaceship Docked with my Ass is now live in Amazon!

I just really love Jotham's covers. They're just... just... awesome.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Riddled is Live!

The third one of the Janus Key Chronicles, Riddled by the Sphinx, is now live! Although I can't say I've been successful, I think it's been worth it to see Jotham's covers. They have been gorgeous.

I mean seriously, look at that! Beautiful.

As of late, I've joined reddit and have been reading up on what to do and what not to do. Well, I joined reddit a while ago, but I've been researching like mad on there. Seems that I've been writing my blurbs wrong. The covers got a lot of attention, but then, well, to put it in erotica terms: they got hard for the covers, but lost the wood for the blurbs. I'm going to work on those this week. I've a couple of ideas, but now that I think I've got keywords figured out, let's see how things go.

I'm really excited!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

And It'll Be Called... "Puzzles"

Well, no, not really. Just a joke from a TV show I recently finished watching on Netflix. However, the next book will be legen... wait for it... dary! (Maybe not really there too) The next Janus Key Chronicle is done... again, except for the cover. Heh. I think I write too fast for Jotham to keep up. I hope I can whip him into shape because I'm working on a short too, since I have a cover title I have to do but it's just not Janus Key material, I don't think. The story sprang into my mind fully fleshed out, so all I have to do is put it down. Being as I have to work Sunday night at my real job, I should have plenty of time to finish it....

What's that? Plenty of time at work? Yup, that's right. I work at a job where I can pretty much do whatever I please since all I have to do is be here. It gives me time to pursue hobbies like this, and we'll see if we can't turn it into a real job. I'd probably still work though. I think I just need an excuse to leave the house every day. Ah, well... it leaves me time to still play video games.

Speaking of video games, I think I found a working series title for the video game erotica I was planning: "Virtual Erotica". AMAZINGLY that hasn't been snatched up yet. I still have't decided if it's going to be one gamer's experience in virtual worlds or different gamers. I don't think it would matter that much, but it's a nit to pick. Haven't worked on Villainess yet, nor Blue, nor my other longer one. It was a busy week in real life, so I'm just happy to have 12,000 words to put up on Riddled by the Sphinx. It comes dangerously close to bestiality, which I said I would never do, but they say technically it's not bestiality if it's a mythical beast. We'll see if Amazon agrees.

Friday, March 13, 2015

What I Won't Write

Erotica is a pretty vast open ended thing, but there are still some things that I find really... unsexy, as well as downright vile at times. So, even though I'm writing about gangbanging pixies and butt-fucking raptor men, what won't I write about?

  1. Non Consensual Sex -- It's just not sexy. It's rape. I know people out there have rape fantasies, and that's fine! They're not going out there and actually doing it. I know a lot of women and men both dream about being ravished, and that's completely fine too! But when it comes right down to it, I just can't. I can (and probably do) write "dubcon", which stands for "Dubious Consent"... which means the consent is unclear. In cases like this, people might be seducing other people, or otherwise coercing them. Perhaps the "victim" wants it but doesn't say anything because they are just enjoying the ravishing too much? However, it's made expressly clear that they are enjoying it, and they do want it. The actual saying of the yes is just side-stepped around. 
  2. Bestiality -- Yeah, no. Just no. It's not sexy to me at all, illegal, and it's cruel to the animal.
  3. Underage Sex -- Again, no. It's gross, way illegal, and so damaging. While I pointed out above that rape fantasies are fine so long as they are not acted out on, I won't even say that here. Fantasies about kids are not fine. It's disgusting. I can't even... bleh. That being said, obviously kids who are sixteen to seventeen having sex with each other is alright... I'm talking about anything younger. 
  4. Anything to Do with Human Waste -- May be some people's fetish, and that's fine. I just think it's very unsexy to me. 
  5. Vore -- Ok, ok, this one I just don't get, heh. Same goes for squishing and any fetishes of any parts of the body in particular, like feet for example. I just don't get it... so I don't think I would be able to make it sexy for those who like it. No avoidance, just ignorance there. 
No other ones occur to me at the moment, but I think I covered most of the bases there. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Just a quick post, but woo! Finally sold the first book! Well, actually, technically it was a Kindle Unlimited borrow, but there's money to be had there!

Also, still waiting on Jotham and the cover. I may have to take a cattle prod to his ass.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Waiting's Hard to Do

I have everything ready on Amazon for the next book. It's edited (quickly, yes, but still edited), formatted (which took me a couple hours because I went back and forth on what I wanted), uploaded, keywords in, description in... matter of fact everything is done... except the cover. I can't hurry Jotham. He's a professional, but he's doing it for free in return for a split of the profits (if any), so I really don't have any right to bitch. It still sucks waiting though, especially knowing it's not me causing the hold-up. By the time he gets done with this one, I'll have written the next. It'll be a never ending snowball. Well, at least until they sell and then he might be more motivated, however... again, with all the reading I've done, it just sounds like you need to have a lot out there to really get selling.

So, in the meantime, I'm going to talk about another of my projects, which I am entitling "Villainess". A long, long time ago I played in a MMO called City of Villains, and Jesus Christ, let me tell you about all the pervy shit that went on there. I'm talking futa girls, catgirls, people with tentacles, undead Frankenstein monsters out for perfection... oh, that reminds me of another character to add, lemme scribble that down... er, anyway. I mean, before City of Villains came out there was City of Heroes, and you could only play a hero. (unless you RP'd a villain, of course) When CoV came out, it was a big hit. (I won't geek out here about the different archetypes, but suffice it to say, they were waaaaaay better than CoH) It added a new level of dimension to a game I loved.

However, it opened up the pervy door too. I cannot even tell you how many times my main character got hit on by people because it was a constant stream. It wasn't just the run of the mill penis in vagina things either, but a lot of lesbian activity, and futa girls, and aliens wanting to have people give birth to their babies and demons and undead and so on and so on. That being said, among some of my closest friends I did indulge in a bit of "cyber", but mostly it was situational and a fade to black. There were a couple of weird ass moments too, which were not really... sexy... but rather bloody, but in a sexy way. I don't know if I'll ever be able to describe that adequately. It was really fucking dark at times, but that makes sense that I would be attracted to it because I'm at heart a horror writer. I love dark stuff.

So, yeah, Villainess is my experiment with some darker themes, and mixing gore and superheroes in with it too. Now, I know a fair amount of people have said that horror-rotica doesn't sell well because people don't want to be scared/grossed out while getting their jollies, but this is all an experiment anyway, so what do I care? I'm writing a legitimate villain story on my "respectable" name, so this gives me some practice in doing it with literally no holds barred. Which will probably end up kind tame while I get into it, and then expand from there. It also gives me the opportunity to play with different kinds of mindsets, so I think that's good. Plus, it gives me a great excuse to get into some bondage, which may or may not turn hardcore. I haven't quite decided yet. I have the cover in mind already, and I think it's simple enough for myself to do without Jotham. It's going to be more or less full length--or whatever length it takes to get to the end--and it's already reached 13K words, maybe the first third of the story done. Maybe less.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

While I wait for Jotham to finish the cover of the new book (a-HEM, Jotham), I'll go over a post that I've been saying "Yeah yeah yeah, doing that later"... mirroring.

When I first decided to try my hand at this, I had no idea what I was doing other than writing smut. I can write smut! Hell, anyone can write smut. I had to put it to a story because that's just my personal preference, and then I looked up what was selling, what was attention grabbing, and what was interesting to me. BOOM. Dinosaur erotica! So, as I started to write, I kept reading and researching as well, learning what OK to put on Amazon, what you could put on covers, what was taboo, how to use keywords, and so on. One of these posts I read mentioned mirroring.

I had no idea what that was, so I looked it up. The basics of mirroring is taking a story you've written--let's say a male/female story--and changing the sex of one of the participants to make it a M/M or F/F version, or even both. I was shocked at that! I couldn't comprehend that people would pay you to plagiarize yourself! Not only that, but let's face it, just changing pronouns wasn't going to work as the mechanics of sex turning it from a hetero couple to a homo couple just... wasn't going to work, or vice versa.

So, out of curiosity, I did some digging on Amazon and sure enough, I found some mirrors. For instance, let's take Hunter Fox, of Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay fame. He wrote a story called Punished by the Dark Unicorn, which features m/m gay unicorn sex. Here's the summation:

After a major breakup with his ex-boyfriend, Adam takes a spur of the moment trip to Finland! On his surprise Nordic vacation, Adam goes kayaking through the labyrinth of lakes and discovers a beast he never knew existed! A Dark Unicorn! Something about this creature brings out his wildest and darkest fantasies which he wants to make a reality! 

This is a 3,500 word hardcore gay erotic novel. It includes- horn sex, rough sex, anal, oral, cream pies and more!

Horn sex. Ouch. I hope they put a rubber cap on that because... ouch. Anyway, going forward with our search, we come across Dark Unicorn by Whitney Fox. The summation for that story is thus:
After a major breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Amy takes a spur of the moment trip to Finland! On her surprise Nordic vacation, Amy goes kayaking through the labyrinth of lakes and discovers a beast she never knew existed! A Dark Unicorn! Something about this creature brings out her wildest and darkest fantasies which he wants to make a reality! 

This is a 3,500 word hardcore erotic novel. It includes rough sex, anal, oral, horn sex, cream pies and more!

Other than a name change, it's virtually an identical summation. This is a perfect example of a mirror. Also, damn, only 3500 words? Jeez. You're paying like twelve words a cent for that. (It's actually 11.7, but I rounded up) Even their backgrounds are the same, and obviously fake pictures. If I put a picture up, it'll be the same one I used here: a cartoon. Why? Haha, post real face... yeah, no. I also won't insult people by posting an obviously fake picture of some person as me either. Where was I?

Evidently, Amazon allows mirroring, so long as 30% of the story is different, and a more than a few erotica authors swear by it, because it can double or triple the amount of books you "write", and reach different target niches. I really think that's ripping people off. It's my own opinion, and I'm not a big expert on how to sell erotica and what you should do. I'm learning the process. Mirroring though... although Jotham says it would reach more audiences, I just can't. Even if I use another nom de plume, I just can't do that. I don't fucking copy from anyone, even myself! And if someone does read your story, let's say a m/m story, then happens to run across your mirrored m/f story and finds out it's practically identical, how are they going to feel for that second purchase? Fucking ripped off, that's how. They are not paying for new content: they are paying for rehashed old content. It's like getting a clip show from your favorite TV series. Who wants that? No one, that's who.

So, be careful when buying your erotica out there. Could be you've bought it before.