Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mutual Masturbation

I always seem to follow up a book with a blog post. ... I have no idea why. I think it's because I'm excited that yay there's a new book! And then thinking, "Oh, jeez, back to the grind!" Although this next one is going to be a new Janus Key Chronicle, so it won't be a grind at all. I actually have spent enough time doing other things that this next Debbie story is already written in my head. I know what's going on, I know what happens, cover's almost made (thanks to Jotham!) and it should roll out really easily once I sit down and actually start it.

However, blog post first.

I was thinking today about how erotica writers interact with each other. There are some who are very nice, actually for the most part the whole erotica community is pretty nice. We talk about dicks and gangbangs and big foot rape all day long, so it's nice to be able to share tips and pointers with people and not have them judge you when you think out loud, "Would a Squatchy dick be barbed? Could it? Would Amazon consider that beastiality? What about a knot?" Ah, the mysteries of Squatchy dick.

So, it's nice to have a community with other writers who understand the weirdness of what it is we write. Even the "traditional" erotica (and by this I mean mostly mf vanilla flavor-flav with maybe a billionaire kink or something thrown in, not the weirdness I write at times) writer has problems connecting to people in their lives, because people view sex as a shameful thing in the States. I'm not so sure other people in other countries who write erotica have this problem, but we in the States sure do. That being said, the connections tend to be very shallow, and more along the lines of "Read my book!" as most erotica writers use social media as pretty much their only advertising, cause it's free.

That's not necessarily bad, but it feels... weird at times. Like, it feels fake, and while I'm sure most of the people aren't really fake (haha, no really), it comes off as... self-serving at times, and I suppose it is. I mean, I'll absolutely be the first to admit I mostly use twitter to advertise, and rarely say anything of importance... but I fucking hate Twitter. I have a "regular" Twitter account that I used to check until I realized I didn't give a shit what any person was doing at any given second. Don't. Care. Fuck. Off. Being an erotica writer, and following other writers on Twitter to see what they're doing... yeah, most of the Tweets are ads. I try really hard not to spam though, because I just personally think that's rude, and I do sprinkle in other things some of which even aren't erotica related.

Facebook is actually the same way. I only check my "regular" Facebook account to see what sort of... stuff... my family posts once in a while. Once in a great while. Very great. And fuck, I'll admit it... I unfollowed most of them. For this pen name though, I'm actually on every day for probably like an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less. I read every post that comes through my timeline, and I like the ones I like. I post announcements there, and I'm doing a writing challenge every week, so that's more interactivity and it has spurred on some creative things, which I enjoy! I missed last week cause I got up late and had like a social life to get to, but I'll hit this week's.

Anyway, the point here is that for the most part, erotica writers are the followers of other erotica writers. There are some fans, even for me and I'm not popular, but it's reminiscent of a big circle jerk. It's not bad. You can learn a lot from watching other people, and you can find some decent smut that way too. However, I think what most erotica writers really hope for when they start all this stuff is that fans will like their pages, and tweet to them. I know I'd get a kick out of it, and it's just really sad that there are so few people who are willing to do so. I'm always one for leaving a review when I read a book, good or bad, though not so much for interacting with the authors, so I get why people don't... it just sadly leaves us writers jerking each other off.

However, there's another point to this post which is related to the title, and that is that a very good friend of mine who also writes smut (and it's decent--he's a good writer, though he generally doesn't write in my kinks, link to his Amazon page to follow) and I have decided to try our hand at recording audio books. What's especially awesome about this is that we recorded some samples, and while I was dying of embarrassment for reading it aloud to an empty room while the cat watched me weirdly he was laughing his ass off at the prose I wrote (and yes, Bryce, it IS ridiculous)... but we agreed to give it a shot. Whether it turns into a thing or not, I don't know. I am going to be recording probably at least the first chapter of his first book, Demon's Embrace, this week and send it off to him to see if he thinks it's ok. I do believe (though I need to reconfirm, because I've been fuzzy all week from lack of sleep and playing Darkest Dungeon too much... FUCKING VESTAL KILLED HERSELF WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?!... ahem) that he will help me out recording the male POV smut I write while I record his. In this effect, it's helping each other out. But it could also be construed as mutual jerking off. Heh.

Anyway, going to wrap up the post to say that interacting with the authors I have has been a mostly positive experience, and I've made one very good friend in doing so. Everyone say hi to Bryce Calderwood, who writes epic futa girl smut! Bryce, say hello to the two other people who read this. XD Also, stories about pastries who get women to lick them. I still say five stars, will Pussy Donut again.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fox Tales: Erotic Tales of the Kitsune is Now Live on Amazon!

Ah, yes, this book has taken forever. And forever. And more evers. IT HAS TAKEN ALL THE EVERS! However, I seem to remember the first in this series, 1001 Erotic Nights, being the same way and taking a long time to write. Maybe it's because of the voice I use for it, keeping it in a particular style, or maybe it was because so many fox wife tales are very similar... it doesn't matter. Fox Tales: Erotic Tales of the Kitsune is now live on Amazon! I am so happy that it's going live on Friday, and I am even more happy about the cover. It's so pretty! Jotham does such a great job with them.

Already I am a small ways into the next book, and this will be a Janus Key Chronicle, Tore Up by Thor. Or maybe Thunderstruck by Thor. I haven't quite decided on a name for it yet. However, it's Debbie plus vikings.... how can this not be awesome?

Friday, July 17, 2015

Wantonly Wicked Threeway is Live on Amazon!

The newest bundle of mine, combining the three horrorotica stories I wrote, Wantonly Wicked Threeway is now Live on Amazon! This was actually an accident--I meant to just have the stuff in there, and publish a couple days later here, but I am so used going through the process that I went and hit 'publish' when I didn't mean to... ah well.

Just love the bundle cover by Jotham. He does such good work. IT'S SO PRETTY!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I'm Done With You! (Fox Tales excerpt)

I thought I'd try something new! Instead of grousing about writing techniques or advertising, I thought I'd post one of the tales from the upcoming Fox Tales, Erotic Stories of the Kitsune and see if people dug it. This excerpt is uh obviously for mature audiences, and contains oral, anal, and vaginal sex. With that, enjoy!


    Once upon a time there was a handsome young man, with a bright future ahead of him as a warrior. He lived in a village in the country, and readied himself to go study the art of war. As he was out practicing with his wooden sword one day, a fox saw him, and found him extremely handsome. She followed him back to his house, and stole inside while he was sleeping. There, she transformed into a lovely young woman and crawled into his bed. Her hand found his cock, and began stroking him as he slept. As he cock grew harder, she bent to take it into her mouth, gently suckling him.
    As the fox sucked him slowly, the young man became awake. He was very startled at the lovely young naked woman who was pleasuring him orally, but because he was a young man and as we all know young men have yet to learn wisdom, he went with it. As she swirled her tongue around his cock, he reached and ran his hand through her silken hair, not able to believe his good luck. She began to bob her head as she took more and more of him into her mouth, until she was swallowing his whole cock, pumping it with her mouth. Her tongue kept moving as she did, creating extra sensations as she deep throated him relentlessly.
    He reached over and lifted the lovely young woman so that she was straddling him, her pussy set over his mouth. He began to lick her as she had begun licking him, tracing his tongue around her delicate folds as he zeroed in on her clit. She moaned as he began to pleasure her, her mouth stuffed so the sounds were muffled, low and urgent. Encouraged by her sounds of desire, he continued to lick, running the tip of his tongue along her clit, which sent shivers throughout the fox’s body. She ground her pussy down on his face as he gripped her thighs and pulled her even closer to him. All the while, she continued to bob her head on his cock, up and down, sucking him with greater and greater force until he was on the verge of coming.
    He licked her pussy ferociously, trying to stave off his orgasm for as long as possible. The young man couldn’t prolong the experience though, as she was very good as sucking cock. When he came, she drank down every drop, milking his cock for every bit of nourishment it would give. At the same time, juices from her pussy gushed and covered her face, and she cried out in pleasure. The circle of energy complete, they rode out their climaxes on each other until they both fell into an exhausted pile. The lovely young woman climbed off of the handsome young man, smiled sweetly at him, and turned back into a fox. She leaped out of the window as he sat up in bed, perplexed by her change.
    The next night, the young man laid down to rest early, being tired from his activities the night before. As he slumbered, the fox crept into his window again, and transformed into the lovely young woman. She took the handsome young man’s cock in hand, and stroked him until he was hard. When he grew hard, his eyes flew open, and he smiled at seeing his lover again. She shushed him before he could say anything, and this time mounted his cock. As she lowered her luscious, wet pussy onto his hardness, he admired how radiant she was. He had never seen a beauty like her before, refined yet at the same time wild and exotic. Her eyes glowed in the moonlight. Her skin was like cream, flawless in every way. Her breasts, while small, were perfectly formed, each tipped with a small red nipple standing at attention. Putting his hands on her sweet breasts, the handsome young man began to pump his hips, thrusting his cock up into her hot, delectable pussy. The fox maiden groaned as he did so, and swiveled her hips, slamming her hips down to meet him. Together they moved as one, the ebb and flow of pleasure and desire flowing between them perfectly as they completed a circle.
    With each passing moment, the young man’s passion grew, and he cried out his pleasure to the world. Her pussy was so tight, seeming to suck his cock up into it, and holding fast. Her delicious wild scent filled the room, heightening his lust for her. He played with her nipples, flicking them with this fingers, then pinching them tightly as she mewled and writhed on top of him wantonly. As her wetness tightened around him, he came, exploding into her. The fox maiden slammed herself down upon his cock as it pulsed inside of her, and squeezed him for all he was worth, once again milking him of every drop of cum until he fell back upon the bed, exhausted. So tired was he that he didn’t even see her change this time as he fell asleep instantly.
    The next day, the handsome young man looked at himself in a looking glass. His face appeared haggard and wan. He was tired from the night before, but the experience was worth it, completely. He had never had such pleasure before, and he wondered if the fox would return the next night. Even though he felt drained, he couldn’t wait to see her again.
    As before, during the third night, the fox stole into his room and woke him by stroking his cock to life. He smiled at her, and she smiled at him as she bent to take his cock into her mouth. She licked his cock up and down, left and right, every which way until it was covered in her saliva. When that was done, she climbed upon the bed and prostrated herself, showing her perfect ass, and spreading her little cheeks apart so he could see every single bit of her bum. Unable to resist such a wanton and wicked invitation, the handsome young man struggled to his knees and placed his well lubricated cock at her ass. As she wiggled and writhed underneath him, he sank his cock deep into her ass, gasping at what a different sensation it was than her mouth or her pussy. He’d never fucked a woman in the rear before, and from here on out, he wanted nothing else. He eased every single inch of his long, hard cock into her ass, and rested it there once he buried it to the hilt.
    The fox maiden bucked back against him, and with her spurring him on, he began to pump his cock in and out of her ass slowly, savoring every bit of her as he did so. The way her ass squeezed him drove the young man crazy, and soon he fucked her rear relentlessly, thrusting his cock in roughly and pulling it out slowly. As he fucked her, the fox maiden groaned and writhed underneath him, panting as heat rolled off of her in waves. She thrust her ass back at him, encouraging him to go deeper and deeper. He fucked her in this way for a long time as she worked him into a frenzy with her wiggling beneath him. When he came, he thrust hard into her ass… and again, as before, she seemed to milk him dry, draining him of every drop of his cum.
    The handsome young man fell into a deep sleep immediately afterwards, and did not see the fox leave through his window. The next day, it took him a long time to rouse from his slumber. He went about his day as if in a daze, unable to fully concentrate on his work as the bone-tired weariness he felt settled in and colored everything a dull haze of grey.
    When the night fell next, he tried to stay awake for the fox maiden to come into his window, but he fell asleep. The handsome young man awoke to the fox maiden stroking his limp cock, trying to make it come alive. She tried and tried, even taking the soft thing into her mouth and suckling him sweetly. He wanted to get hard, but after the three nights of fucking and sucking, he was too tired and could not rouse himself to hardness. After a long time, the fox maiden gave up and turned to go out the window. ‘Wait!’ he cried. ‘Will you not stay with me and hold me through the night if we cannot make love?’
    The fox maiden turned to him, her beautiful golden eyes reproaching. ‘We are not married,’ said she. ‘I am not under any obligation to stay if you cannot satisfy me and nourish me in my needs.’
    ‘Please, please stay,’ he implored the beautiful young maiden. ‘I will give you anything you want if you just kiss me and stay.’
    She looked scornfully at his limp cock, then back to him. ‘I came specifically because I found you handsome and needed spiritual nourishment. If you cannot feed me, why should I stay?’
    ‘Stay because I love you,’ he said, ‘and because you love me.’
    ‘Love has nothing to do with it,’ she said and turned to leave.
    ‘How can you be so hard and cruel?’ he cried.

    At that, the fox turned back to him impatiently. ‘There are no marital obligations between us,’ she said. ‘I came to feed, and now that your spiritual essence has been depleted, there is nothing more for me here. Why should I not go? This is like the liaisons built on power and wealth, which are broken when there is nothing more to be had. They, too, are severed when the well dries. Humans curry favor with people to get something from them, and leave when they have nothing more to gain… and yet I am being reproached!’ With that, she turned into her fox form, leaped out the window, and was never seen by the handsome young man again.

Friday, July 10, 2015

I May Be a Bitch, but I'm Not Amazon's Bitch

... mostly. Yeah, there's still stuff of mine in KU. I'm not pulling them. I'm sticking to my plan as originally intended of letting them expire 'naturally', but as I was sitting here thinking writing fox smut, I thought, "What if I developed a series JUST for a specific distributor NOT Amazon?" The one that came to mind at first was Excitica, of course. I would really like to help indie distributors as well. I'm not saying I'm awesome and yeah, like totally everyone would come aboard, but it would help to get the word out to other distributors rather than just Amazon.

The problem is: I'd be limiting myself to something that's not Amazon. I mean, let's face it, it's got the lion's share of the ebook program. I think I could contact the administrator of the site and ask a question like, "Hey, if I limit this one particular series to JUST here, could I get a bump in visibility?" I mean, it's worth a shot, right? Of course, if it were someone who were much bigger, I think that'd be a yes, but people gotta start somewhere. But someone like Reed could do it, maybe. Some of his stuff seems popular. There's another writer who writes some really good shit, Oleander I think their name was, maybe they could. I'm a nothing right now.

Of course, Excitica has its problems at the moment too. For one, which is majorly annoying, I cannot check to see if I've actually sold something there. It's... there's an error in the order history page. Hence, no stats. I could be moving a ton of books there. I could be moving nothing (a far more likely scenario). I have no idea. The interface isn't as intuitive as Smashwords or Amazon, or even B&N, and B&N (Nook) has a stupidly complex interface for no particular reason, which you have to save on every page. I went through one of my books by hitting 'next', and realized after the fact I have to hit 'save', THEN 'next'. (or whatever the stupid buttons are called) Haven't done D2D or any other platforms yet, because I got lazy. Eventually I'll get around to it.

Second problem, it's a small distributor. If I write something exclusive and it never gets seen... what good is that?

However, it IS a place where shifters can have sex in shifter form. Incest is OK. Sick, depraved shit is OK, to a point. No underage (totally gross, so I agree with that). No necrophilia (except for "vampires", I wonder if other sentient undead are ok, or if they're just deadist? It would be like letting only lipstick lesbians into a place and banning all other gay people. Or only big beautiful brunettes in, and no to skinny redheads, and so on. I would have to think sentient undead would be alright. I mean, ghuls need love too! What about ghosts? Revenants? Zombies? Ok, most zombies are sentient, but some are!)... where was I? Hm. Underage, necrophilia, what else was banned? Oh, yeah, beastiality is still a no-no, but I would assume that's only for real life animals, not mythological ones. And shifters in were form are totes OK. Selena Kitt herself said so! I can also attest going through their categories for how to tag the books I have put up there, they have tags for shit I have never even heard of. So, fellow writer friend of mine who is obsessed with futas--there's a category for that! There's a category for incest, and for scat fetishes and many, many, MANY varieties of BDSM.

So, that's an advantage. I mean, you can kinda let loose there. I don't think anything they ban is anything I would write about... maybe the necrophilia (especially if ghuls or other sentient undead don't count; stupid vampires hogging all the fun), but that would be more at home in one of my horror books anyway.

Now, the last big drawback for Excitica: it's not running https. As in the link is NOT secure. I know a lot of people have balked at that, and I really hope they change it. People's personal info is in there, man, so that could potentially be dangerous.

Anyway, all of that was a thought. I do refuse to be Amazon's bitch. If it means I just fucking sell shit and pull everything out anyway, so be it. I think I will write an exclusive for one of these other platforms, see who might follow or who I might discover. It may even be Delilah's. Her story is still brewing in my head. I see the first few very easily... Maybe it'll be Caprice in Villainess/Queen of Swords. That's almost done too, and it's pretty plot heavy. Plus, she's a fucking psycho. She might be made for a place with a harder edge than Amazon.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Amazon Categories are Sometimes WTF

So, I know a lot of authors will pad their keywords to get into as many categories as possible. I consider this a "black hat" tactic, as it misrepresents a book. I try to keep it to exactly what's IN the book so that people know what they're getting. Makes sense, yeah? Because, y'know, I'm sorry... if I want a horror book, and it's not horror, I'd get mad. If I want romance and it's not really romance, I'd get mad.

With Primal Urges, there's a menage scene in it that consists of our hero of the book, and two ladies he happens to meet who are bisexual lovers living together. There are a couple of paragraphs of just the two ladies making out, then more with pussy eating and whatnot during the menage... and that's it. Of course, I wasn't thinking and put lesbian in the keywords because they are, or rather bisexual. Maybe I put bisexual in there. I'd have to check that, actually. Anyway, it got categorized under literature & fiction > Horror > LGBT / Lesbian. I was like... Ooookaaaay?

It is in there, but it's not the focus of the book, so I feel that I must apologize for any misrepresentation of it. Yes, it technically is in there, so it could technically be in that category, but it's not the focus. I don't want to misrepresent what I wrote: it's horror with a paranormal romance and lots of hot sex. I'm still wondering if that one keyword was enough to bump it into that category. Sometimes, I really don't understand how Amazon determines where goes what, and if people even look at the content at all for all those authors jampacking whatever keywords they can to get into all those categories. I really don't think they do.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Orgasms! Only Three Bucks Apiece! Getcher Fresh Orgasms Right Here!

Talking about fantasies with another writer has spurred on this blog post. Fantasies are a big part of life. We use them every day. My husband talks about role-playing in the same way I do about fantasies... we all participate in it, even if it's just imagining winning the lottery and how much easier your life will be afterwards. Fantasy fans take it a step further, imagining living in another world, being another person, being the hero. Even Karl Marx had words to say about it, saying that religion is the opiate for the masses.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that, to an extent. My key is always "everything in moderation". It has been for years. This comes from watching people destroy themselves over an excess of things, whether it be drugs or alcohol, or a person, a thing, a collection, a fantasy... what-have-you. Fantasies keep us going. They fuel our creativity, and drive to make the world a better place. Every great scientific idea comes from someone dreaming it first, and then making it reality. Our imagination is the most powerful tool we have.

As a writer, I'm the drug peddler here. I'm selling you the things I dreamed to help you dream them. The fantasies I make up are read, and taken into someone else's head where they make their own dreams about them. That's... kind of a heady experience when you stop and think about it. People get obsessed over books and movies--just look at the popularity of Harry Potter for an example!--and they get inspired to create their own dreams. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I believe it. People can get so enthralled by someone's dreams they try to make them into reality. That's when it gets dangerous.

It's good to be able to imagine a better place to help escape from the troubles of day to day life. When it's taken too far, such as actually believing Harry Potter exists, is when people detach from reality to live in the fantasy for whatever reason. It's important to keep dreaming, but also to stay grounded. You cannot build your dreams if you do not have a solid foundation from where to start. So I think it's important to mention that when I write about traveling to other worlds or werewolves or vampires or impossible sexual positions... it's a fantasy. It's not real. I'm writing these things to share my fantasies with my readers, to help them dream, to give a smile or a gasp of delight (or horror!), and to entertain people for a little while.

If I want to be fucking crude about it, I'm selling orgasms. Only three bucks a pop. Yet, c'mon now, who wouldn't pay three bucks for a ten second orgasm? Yeah, that's what I thought. Escapism through fantasy is often the drug of choice for people, even if they don't realize it.

Primal Urges is Live on Amazon!

The third in the horrorotica anthology series Wantonly Wicked, Primal Urges is now live on Amazon! Yes, even with all the KU debate, I still put it up there and in KU--read my previous post if you don't understand why, but in short, still in the 'wait and see' category. So, I'm waiting and seeing.

I've actually had the cover for this one forever, but just hadn't gotten around to writing it. I have too many stories in my head! And from the Cheri experience, I know to go with what interests me. Werewolves and vampires interest the fuck out of me, so while I didn't have much time to write this one, it still came out at 16,000+ words in length, a decent sized novelette. It is classified as a paranormal romance (though I'm still WTFing over the horror>LGBT category... it does have some hot lesbians kissing and making out in it, so I"m thinking I messed up with my keywords? I don't want to misrepresent) but it has strong horror and erotic elements in it. Very strong. Yet it does have... the ending required for a romance, and I'm satisfied with it.

It IS an experiment though, rather like Hunger of the Heart was, going for romance or erotic romance rather than straight erotica. There are a lot of juicy bits in it, though, so never fear on that end!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Changes. Meh.

This post is going to be about the KDP changes and my opinion on them.

First off, let me say this straight out: my income does not depend on publishing. At most, I've made about 220$ a month, least much less than that (first month and all). It seems to be averaging around one to two hundred a month, which was nice. It was even more especially nice when I took a pay cut for switching jobs. However, this is not my livelihood. I'm a hobby writer. The extra cash is nice, but not necessary.

Second, let me say I'm still of the 'wait and see' variety of author when it comes to this. We just don't have information to make accurate judgments yet. We can make some very good guesses, but they are just that: guesses.

So, with the changes to the kindle unlimited program, authors get paid per page read. In theory, this would be a nice way to reward each author evenly for reader entertainment. In practice, I don't think it's going to pan out that way, but I don't know yet. What I do know is that short stories, specifically erotica as that's my experience but it applies to all shorts, won't get paid nearly as much as they were under the old system. The old system seemed to have stabilized at around 1.35$ per borrow, so every time someone read past 10% of a book, the author would get that much for the KU user who borrowed the book. Many, many erotica writers made a lot of money under this system, many and more less so but a decent amount for beer money, as they say. I'm of the second variety. I know of several authors who quit their jobs because they were making so much smut money. That was terrific for them! It's the dream, yeah?

With the new changes, it won't be that. Now, the market is in upheaval. People are pulling their books out of KU and putting them in other markets, going "wide" as it's called. Other people aren't, or don't plan to. Still more are waiting. I'm of the third variety, but I was already putting my plan into motion of going wide anyway, and I was doing it BEFORE the changes were announced. Why? After the first couple of months, shorts tend to fall off the radar, so why not put them into other, newer markets where they'd get more exposure? That was my thinking anyway.

There are theories going about that authors will be getting paid (and there's math, I'm just lazy so I'm not rehashing all that, go Google it) $0.0057 per page read. That just over half a cent. Even with "increased" page counts--and the page counts seem to be about 175-200 words per page, give or take--a short is suddenly worth about twenty cents on the borrow. Forty if it's a bigger short. Other people have already done the math, and under that payment rate, a person would have to write like 250 pages or something, a full sized if shortish novel, to get the current pay rate. (No, my numbers may not be accurate. I'm lazy. I'm not looking it up. Google it yourself. Suffice it to say it's an estimate, and it's a pretty close estimate from what I was reading)

Even if it was a full cent, or even two, many erotica short story writers will be losing a lot of money compared to the old system. Many are upset. They have every right to feel what they feel. I understand being upset. I'm vaguely upset by that as well, but that's because I was envisioning being able to save up smut money to get the crowns on my two teeth that I've been needing. It will just take longer now. Much longer.

There are some people who write longer novels who are gloating over the changes. It's ok to celebrate your good fortune, but some of the posts I've seen talk about people "deserving" money for their work. That's what is very upsetting to me. There is no "deserving" in this. Flat out, it's a fucking business. People are in it to make money. End. Of. Story.

For Amazon, it's a business move. It's to save money, and they put the spin on it that it's to fairly reward authors for their pages published and read. That's just spin. It's fucking business. That's. All. BUSINESS.

For the authors, it's business as well. Amazon's move has hurt their business, which is upsetting. Beyond a doubt it's upsetting. There's a movement to "release the rate" for the borrows accumulated and how much per page is getting paid. I agree with that, because it's impossible to know what's going to happen. Without that vital information, authors can't figure out for themselves if they want to continue with the KU business model or move on to another pasture. That information should be given out, or updated throughout the month or something. It's a needed figure for authors to figure out where their business needs to be, how to grow it, and so on.

Even for me, a hobby writer, it's to make money. It's a fucking business. I don't... ok, I do do this for my own entertainment, but it's also to make money. I'm still kinda middle of the road here, but... being honest, I wanna make some cash too.

So, for Amazon, it's a business move to save them money. They have every fucking right to do that. It's even stated in the KU terms and conditions that it can change at any time. Whether or not they used strong-arming tactics to get people to enter KU to begin with and then to stay is a moral question, not a business one. We can only take this from a business perspective.

However, on the other side, this is the author's livelihoods that are being changed. It's business for them too. I understand the frustration and feeling of helplessness, but you can't change other people's actions. You can only change how you react to things. Granted, it would very much be helpful for authors if Amazon gave them the tools which were needed to make an informed choice... but that's a telling thing already, isn't it? If they aren't telling you and constantly change the rules, then do you want to stay?

In the end, I'm coming down in the middle so far. What I don't like is the negativity. I know a lot of authors are upset, and they have every right to be. However, let's all learn from our "Dear Negative Reader" from Laurell K. Hamilton and Anne Rice meltdowns in the past. Give Amazon your arguments in clear, concise terms, and then wait. Be polite. On the other side, for some douchebags out there saying that "If your income goes down, someone more deserving is seeing their income go up" is completely fucking wrong. Nobody fucking deserves money. We are mother fucking working for it, asshole. Whether some someones think that writing 5K of smut isn't work, well, I challenge them to put out 10-20K publishable words per fucking week for months on end and see how long they last. It is work. Those who don't keep up the pace aren't paid as much as those writers who can. So, for those people, stop gloating or rubbing it in the faces of people who are losing money on their business where it was once booming. It shows what kind of person you really are, and I'm seeing a lot of people on both sides of the argument I really don't want to be around because of the sucking vortex of negative energy.

Instead, I am focusing on a fellow writer's words, "You just keep doing what you do." Keep writing. That's where I'm at.