Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Adult Dungeon... It's Not Just for Whips and Chains Anymore!

So, I've mentioned that I got a couple books "adult dungeoned", but what is that exactly? Since I mostly publish on Amazon, I mostly obey their rules and restrictions on erotica. However, when you happen to step over the line, they'll put an "Adult" filter on you which means when people search for your book, it's not in the general population of books... it's in a special section, which people have to click a button to turn on to search IN it. Needless to say, the button is sometimes hard to find, and people don't really bother with it. Being in the adult dungeon can be the death of a book, and usually is. There are exceptions for this rule, but not many that I've found.

What gets you landed in the adult dungeon? As far as I can tell, here's an incomplete list... and I'm sure there are more things, these are just the ones I know about:

  • Nudity on the cover. Definite no-no.
  • Implied nudity on the cover... such as not wearing panties, lol, but also "hand bras". This seems to be more lax with bare chested men though.
  • Certain words or phrases in the title or blurb. Anything vulgar like cock, pussy, dick, etc, is a definite, but there are some other phrases which aren't as well known, like BANGED (hehe), anything to do with 'school' girl or boy, probably anything to do with implied underage (girl, boy) sex, definitely anything noncon and possibly dubcon as well (forced, raped, etc, but "taken" is ok, at least so far), anything to do with incest (ie, mommy, daddy, sister, brother) and some to do with PI (psuedo incest), but a lot of people seem to be getting away with certain phrases like "brat" or "man of the house"... also "step" stuff, though I still wouldn't put brother or sister on there.
  • Images which depict a woman being bound. It's unclear if men are under the same restriction, but I would assume so. Because, you know, BDSM is just SO FUCKING HORRIBLE and people can't possibly be bound with their consent.
  • Anything on the cover actually depicting a sexual act.
There are others, but those are the big ones off the top of my head. Basically, think of like a ten year old who might come across it... if it's anything that you'd really be embarrassed about them seeing, then don't. Make sure your models all have their clothes on and are enjoying things in a consensual manner. Write teasers... but don't spell everything out. I've found in my personal experience that writing short descriptions of what's IN the books are ok though... like putting in "oral, anal, group sex, mmf" and so on doesn't get you filtered, but some people insist that putting anal in there will. Well, I've gotten a couple of books adult dungeoned now, and not one of them have been for putting anal in the blurb, so I'm calling bullshit on that one right now. If someone DID get blocked for that, odds are it was actually for something else. Or Amazon's fucking with them.

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