Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Just Wrote a Romance, and Now I Feel Dirty

Well, I just finished up ten thousand words (almost) of Dominating Her Biker... and it's a romance. It's a really character driven romance. It's short, to the point, has a couple of sex scenes in it... but the sex totals probably 3,000 words or less of it. That leaves about 6,500 words of dirty things like "character development" and "plot". Pfft.

The reason why I feel dirty is because it legitimately is a romance... and I'm debating whether or not to put it under the romance category. Everything in me is saying to do it, except for my morals. I don't want people to think I'm a romance writer, cause I'm not, I write smut. This one in particular was a hard story to get out, and I had to get into the main character's head more. Strangely enough, I think it's one of my weaker stories because of it. However painful, I birthed it, and it's there, dirty filthy romance or not. If it wasn't part of a series, I'd make a new pen name for it. But I can't. It's in the femdom series, and well, some of them have romantic overtones, but they're about women dominating men. While this one has a similar theme, there's a reason behind it... and I just... I keep looking at that "romance, general" category, and it's giving me the stink eye, like, "Don't do it, bitch. Don't you dare."

I think I'll compromise here, and go "erotic romance" instead. Yet that doesn't feel right either.

Gah. Ok. I think I'll have to think up a romance pen name if I'm going to keep doing this and waffling all over the place.

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